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  1. because petrino isnt trustworthy and we were stupid for givin that much to a college coach in the first place
  2. coaches change their minds all the time! MONEY TALKS!
  3. u have got to be kiddin me; first off we would trade half our draft picks for this to happen; and Boley is not worth resigning if we could get a better offense! Defense doesnt mean everything; but it does mean alot
  4. true that why i implied about McNabb; u dont think chad would want to come to a new scence if we got McNabb! Our defense isnt bad and with those two we could have an ok offense
  5. when did bill say no! thats ridiculous! he might have said no to coming back then but look at how people change their minds remeber Petrino
  6. maybe 2 secs u smart addict but yea people would love this combination
  7. redman isnt bad man; im not sayin that hes carson palmer or anythin; but i think he can surprise people like dude on the redskins!
  8. brian bellick should become an offensive coordinator and bill cowher as our head coach! balanced defense and offense
  9. we should get brian bellick as an offensive coordinator
  10. good feedback i was just wonderin because their is desperate need for a qb we need an explosive talent back on the field who could that be?
  11. Is McNabb really worth giving up McFadden for? Redman isnt that bad! Ocho Cinco wants a trade also!:D:D
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