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  1. I remember getting flamed early this season for saying that Willy Mo had that kind of potential.
  2. That's what is killing me about this situation. He is a real weapon, but the dropped balls have been problematic. I wonder, if he gets more consistent in that reguard, if Matt Ryan will begin to trust him more.
  3. I don't think Mora was out of line at all. Why should he sit there and take abuse from a man who is clearly idiotic? Mora isn't the face of anyone's team so he's not getting paid to play nice. There is nothing wrong with telling an idiot that they are an idiot. That's one of the problems we all have these days. Everyone is so afraid to hurt some morons feelings that they let him run around being a nuisance to society. I'm not sorry for this either. Whenever I see someone at work or out in public that is being stupid, I say something. Mora did nothing wrong. As a matter of fact, I like
  4. I've been concerned about this one since the schedule came out. I'm even more concerned now. We're coming off what could turn out to be a very emotionally draining game. The 49ers are a desperate team right now. Desperate teams are very dangerous. On top of that, Singletary was very upset at the way our o-line played them last year. I have a feeling that this one has been circled on their calendar for a while. I hope our guys are ready.
  5. Wow...just wow...that is impressive
  6. Yes the saints are good. But I still can't stand them and never will. Burn down the Superdump on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. That's because the team we have now is significantly better than the teams we had then.
  8. There's a much higher level of familiarity between these teams than there is between the Falcons and the Steelers, for example. Our guys know exactly what the saints can and can't do.
  9. I agree completely. Apparently, so does our secondary, judging from what Moore has said. Personally, I want to see our defense be as physical and punishing as possible at every level, in every phase, and bring the pain to every player the saints put on the field all day long. Stay relentless. Never let off the throttle.
  10. This is a week where I really hope to see a lot of Babs and Jerry creating pressure up the middle and the ends staying home a bit more to watch the screen. I have faith that the Spoonman will improve our ability to cover out in the flats as well. If Moore can have a solid performance, I think his upgrade in speed over Coleman will be an asset against the saints passing attack.
  11. I have a strong feeling that those two busted plays are an aberration. You take them away, and our defense is very stingy against the run, just like it's top 10 ranking against the run last season. They'll have that sewed up for this game on Sunday.
  12. Lot's of saints fans here. Also, the show is called Rise Up. That was just one episode.
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