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  1. My bad, i gave bad info. It will be turf in the new stadium. http://www.myajc.com/news/sports/new-falcons-stadium-will-have-artificial-turf/nbbTp/ I know they wanted grass badly, didn't know that they found out it wasn't feasible. That sucks.
  2. Yeah, the open roof allows us to have grass on the field.
  3. Ryan didn't have a great game but he is way better than just average. He is a top 7 QB in the league.
  4. Do not sign old running backs. It would be a horrible signing. Running back is a position you need youth in and a position where players get old stupidly fast. If we signed Lynch we'd have to give him outrageous money which he will guaranteed not be able to live up to given his age. RBs rarely are elite after the age of 30. Lynch will be 29 next season.
  5. These are awesome hirings. It's really too bad Dimitroff is still our GM, though. That is a big mistake IMO.
  6. Quinn isn't a known name. I am not sure who you could think it is a PR hire when the guy isn't well known at all. He isn't a name like Rex Ryan...not even close. If the Falcons wanted a PR move, they would have hired Rex, without a doubt.
  7. I will be pissed if we miss out on Rex. The Jets had the very worst GM in the NFL. That is why they sucked. Rex was the only reason they weren't a 1-15 team this year. The guy is a miracle worker with defenses.
  8. The NBA will not allow the Hawks to be moved out of Atlanta. Atlanta is a very big market and well suited for basketball. The league would block any move to have the team leave this city.
  9. Ah, ok, cool. I am glad they both landed back on their feet and you are right, I heard Chris on some national show up here. Thanks for the update.
  10. Wait, Steak Shapiro has a job again? I moved to NYC a year ago and have been out of the loop. Is Chris Demino working anywhere? Actually, I think he works up here in NYC now, right?
  11. No, our defense really was that god awful. Football Outsiders are the best stat gurus in regards to football and their end of season stats clearly show Atlanta's defense was the very worst defense in the entire NFL: http://www.footballoutsiders.com/dvoa-ratings/2014/final-2014-dvoa-ratings The defensive ranking column 3rd from the right is the column to see the defensive rankings 1 through 32. We came in at 32 by quite a margin, 2.1% lower than the 2nd worst defense, New Orleans. Our offense was ranked 11th so that isn't where the problem obviously is. We need a defensive minded head coach, not some supposed offensive guru like McDaniels or Gise.
  12. He is the absolute last of the potential candidates that I want as our head coach, the absolute last. I'd rather we go after a college head coach than hire McDaniels.
  13. We already have a top 10 offense and easily have the very worst defense in the entire NFL. How stupid would we be to hire an offensive minded head coach? That would be positively asinine.
  14. IMO, Quinn is by far the best choice, EASILY. Rex Ryan is my 2nd choice.
  15. One thing is for sure. Everyone wants a defensive minded HC, which makes sense to me. Daniels would be the worst hired of all the possibilities IMO. We already have a great offense. We need a defensive fix ASAP.
  16. Give Rex Ryan a top 10 QB, a top 5 WR and a decent Oline and we can go far.
  17. Dimitroff is definitely the #1 problem but Mike Smith was also a problem. I am glad Smith is gone. I am very disappointed Dimitroff is still here.
  18. That is one seriously amazing looking stadium. I am shocked at how nice it looks, and having it be glass everywhere will really make it an amazing experience. I daresay, it looks to be the nicest stadium in the NFL by a mile if it looks like those sketches look. My graphic designer wife thinks it looks amazing too.
  19. Julio was most definitely worth the picks. Compare the players taken with our picks versus Julio and it is a no brainer. This was a SLAM DUNK of a move by Dimitroff. Julio is a franchise wide receiver..those don't grow on trees.
  20. Again, for people who didn't see my post earlier, the numbers speak for themselves. Ryan is WAY better than Flacco. Flacco is a mediocre QB and has been his entire career thus far. Ryan has put himself among the elite. ESPN's QBR rating takings into account all facets of the game and is done using play by play data. It rewards QBs more for making plays during important times like during the 4th quarter or on 3rd downs, etc. It doesn't put much credit in touchdowns or yards gained during garbage time. It takes into account runs, sacks allowed, penalties taken, etc. If a ball is deflected for an interception, it doesn't count as much as a truly poor thrown ball that goes for a turnover. It is a very good stat that truly tells you how well a QB has played Saying Flacco is better than Ryan is a complete joke. According to ESPN's QBR Rating, here are their performances since they entered the league: 2008: Ryan - 74.1 (3rd best in the NFL) Flacco - 43.2 (27th best in the NFL LOL) 2009: Ryan - 56.6 (14th in NFL) Flacco - 55.0 (15th in NFL) 2010: Ryan - 69.5 (2nd in NFL) Flacco - 60.4 (12th in NFL) 2011: Ryan - 69.1 (5th in NFL) Flacco - 59.7 (14th in NFL) And so far in 2012, Ryan has the best QBR rating in the NFL in the first week with an astounding 98.5 performance. Ryan has outplayed Flacco EVERY SINGLE YEAR in their careers so far, and in all years but 2009, by a substantial amount. That isn't some weird accident. It is astonishing to me that so many trolls on our own message board want so badly for Matt Ryan to play poorly. Are you guys even Falcon's fans? BTW, Football Outsider's DVOA QB rating agrees with ESPN's for the most part, putting Ryan heads and shoulders above Flacco and among the very best QBs in the NFL during his career. Their ratings have Flacco as a very mediocre QB. Anyone who thinks Flacco is better than Ryan, or even close, is a moron.
  21. Flacco is not a top ten QB. His QBR rating nor Football Outsiders DVOA rating has him in the top ten in any year except one. Most years he is in the 15th to 20th best range. Ryan is consistently in the top 8 and this year he looks like he will be in the top 3.
  22. What agenda? The stats clearly prove Ryan is a notch above Flacco. Only fools think otherwise.
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