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  1. Agreed. I’d be real happy with this group of 53 here, but just replace Hill with Blake. I’m rooting hard for O.Z. to make the 53.
  2. If it’s Sanu and draft picks for Clowney, it’s a hard pass from me. Maybe if it was a player for player trade straight up, but I really don’t want to get rid of Sanu. If it were up to me, Sanu would retire a Falcon. Clowney is overrated as h*ll. He’s started all 16 games ONCE in his 5 season career, and he didn’t even get 10 sacks in that full season. He’s never been the sure-fire sack master everyone was sure he’d be.
  3. Would be wild if Gono gets the start at RT after Ty’s injury and two good preseason games worth of reps. If he turns out to be solid it would mean McGary wouldn’t be rushed back at all
  4. Best part about gamedays on defense is watching this man play ball.
  5. Russell Gage was just in Sanu’s Snapchat about an hour ago dancing and laughing. Think he’s alright for the season.
  6. Gregg Williams is a scum bag. He shouldn’t be allowed in the league at any level.
  7. If this DL keep this intensity up we are going to be a scary group when all of our top defensive guys are actually playing.
  8. Same. But I got my DVR F*CKING SET. Well, for when the game replays on NFLN anyway.
  9. Dude could be a head coach tomorrow if he wanted.
  10. Literally the LEAST exciting signing possible for QB. I’d rather see Schaub for 4 quarters.
  11. The sky is the limit for Takk. Hope he puts it all together because he could be really special for us.
  12. I’m at halftime now, had the game DVR’d cause I worked tonight. It’s “Plan D” Collinsworth, not “Plan B” you fool.
  13. From my very limited google research it says every surgery after the initial one has a better chance at fixing the problem. For Kaleb hopefully the third time is the charm.
  14. Dude has been here for almost a decade. He doesn’t need any preseason reps.
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