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  1. O.Z. already earned his spot and made the team. He beat Blake fair and square. Get outta here with this.
  2. Agreed. I’d be real happy with this group of 53 here, but just replace Hill with Blake. I’m rooting hard for O.Z. to make the 53.
  3. If we had Keanu, Allen, and Debo all year we’d be in the playoff race. Simple as that.
  4. He's a receiver with great size and he's smart in his route running. He can manipulate the defenders and get open, which is exactly what we need. Make no mistake, TD knows what he's doing and he knows what our team needs. Regardless of what this message board thinks about these picks, I love the fact that TD actually scouts players and doesnt just take the top names in the draft with every pick.
  5. Middleton will be the Wilrey Fontenot of last year, random pick that does absolutely nothing.
  6. Middleton will be the Wilrey Fontenot of last year, random pick that does absolutely nothing.
  7. So we just took a small school CB who will only ever play special teams over a playmaker like Harris? At least take the TE Casey from Rice, let Gonzalez mentor him and he'll be great for Ryan in a year or two.
  8. I'll continued to be worried until the Falcons have White locked up long term. I'm surprised it hasnt happened this offseason yet. Any word on it at all?
  9. Look at the Corners we got trying to replace Von, I mean Blue Adams? wtf?
  10. Yeah I realize getting younger was the focus, but why not bring in a vet at least at the Cornerback position to help lead by example?
  11. Is that how you got your post count so high?
  12. I am completely confused as to why we havent went out and made talks with some FAs out there now to help feel obvious holes on the team. With Cornerback and Tight End two of the biggest holes on this team, why have we not went and looked around to fill them and address these problems? Obviously the staff does not want to win now, they want to win in a couple years.
  13. I'm planning on trading for Mercedes Lewis and developing him.
  14. Michael Boley was no doubt the most consistent player on the team this past season and now that his contract is about up I say that the new Coaches realize that he is a key building block for this new team's image and give him a long term deal. He deserves the money that would come a long with the new contract. I really am having a hard time figuring out why this deal hasnt been made yet.
  15. I was roaming the forums last week and saw a Roddy White .gif of him making that reaching one handed snag in week 16. I was hoping someone could hook me up with the link. Thanks.
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