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  1. Same guy from awhile back when he let Riley have it. You can see Riley having flashbacks in this vid lol
  2. Gono needs to be active on game day if he’s healthy.
  3. Titans looked absolutely horrible in their Thursday night game last week. Like really really bad. Titans 30 Falcons 21
  4. The Titans looked down right horrible in their game last Thursday night. Like reeeaaaallly bad. Titans 30 Falcons 14
  5. We had 16 penalties today for 128 yards. You can’t blame that entirely on the refs. Maybe if there was one or two big calls that shifted the game, but it’s more likely our guys are just undisciplined and playing bad. Dont put this loss on the refs. Our players didn’t execute or made dumb mistakes. Our coaches got out coached. Blaming the refs is some weak *** fan sh*t. Be better than that.
  6. It would be pretty d*mn deserved I’d say. And pretty embarrassing all things considered.
  7. Wow. I’m so f*cking done. Favorite player on the team and he’s probably done for the year again. God f*cking **** it.........
  8. GTFO with this sh*t. Neal is on the cusp of being an elite player the same way Deion Jones already is.
  9. The year I decided on Atlanta was right around the end of the season their super bowl year with Dan Reeves and Jamal Anderson. I loved their uniforms, colors, players, everything. I’ll never forget watching Dan Reeves do the dirty bird after the NFC Championship win.
  10. The reason I became a Falcons fan as a young kid. My late grandfather was a huge Packers fan and I’d watch games with him. Taught me the game and cultivated my love for it. He pressed me to choose a team to follow that I liked, to become a legit fan of my own team. I still think part of why I follow the NFL so much to this day is because it makes me feel close with him. I can still conjure his laugh after I throw a fit on gamedays. Helped me get over the super bowl loss quicker.
  11. He was good by Vic standards. But the real pass rusher that was getting consistent pressure all night was on the opposite side of the line.
  12. I know it’s week 2 and some may say it looks like they just won the super bowl, but ******* it if you don’t get hyped watching our guys this hyped then just GTFO. Taking down a rival at home in prime time with the world watching, this is a game that builds confidence for the rest of the season.
  13. Can we not have our 50 year old kicking off for us please? I’m sure Sanu can bomb it into the endzone.
  14. Truer words have never been spoken.
  15. Pretty **** easy to turn an offense around when all 21 of your points are off of turnovers or a blocked punt......
  16. D*mn, if Diggs misses the game it’ll be big for them..... Also for me this week in my fantasy league, guy I’m playing against has him... heh heh
  17. They got Sanu practicing catching punts. I wouldn’t mind him as our punt returner.
  18. I’ve wanted this guy for awhile. He has the ability to block, catch, and run. He’s a bigger/stronger DiMarco. Never liked Ortiz so I’m pretty stoked about this pick up.
  19. O.Z. already earned his spot and made the team. He beat Blake fair and square. Get outta here with this.
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