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  1. Buckner is a generational talent. This is a good move for us because the Colts were going to take Kinlaw.
  2. If we cut Allen Bailey we get a net of about $4 million in cap space..... just sayin’
  3. Just realized according to spotrac we traded the Pats 2nd and kept ours.... That would be pretty nice.
  4. That would be such a sh*t trade for us.
  5. Don’t we have to factor in that $10 million raise on the cap league wide?
  6. Hopefully a 3rd unless we spend big somehow.
  7. If Kinlaw is on the board at 16 and we don’t pick him..... We’re absolute idiots. Now that Trufant is gone though I wouldn’t put it past TD to go CB.
  8. Don’t mind trading out of the 16th pick to get another 2nd, but don’t think I’d like trading again and getting entirely out of the 1st. I’d have to see who all was on the board there though.
  9. I just want them to expand game day rosters. It would be nice if teams could actually have their entire roster active on game days.
  10. There is absolutely no way in h*ll he’s on the board at 16. And if he somehow was, DQ would trip over his own feet running to the podium to announce the selection himself. I’d be ecstatic if he was our pick at 16.
  11. I’d rather take a pass rusher and a DT or LB than two DB’s. Think we can make due with what we have for DBs another season. Front 7 needs help BAD.
  12. I want the late 90’s Black and Silver pants combo back in some way.
  13. So let’s root for the 9ers and another Minneapolis Miracle next weekend.
  14. What a finish to the year, love Debo. What’s this mean for our draft position?
  15. I don’t mind it because he’d call the offense and give us continuity at playcalling on that side of the ball for his tenure.
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