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  1. Yeah.... the silver was the main part I wanted so I didn’t really get a modern take on those. That’s the funny part.
  2. I really wanted a modern take on these. I love the stripe down the side of the pants on these compared to what we got.
  3. Do we know which ones are the main home/away combo?
  4. That’s awfully dismissive. It’s hard to say fully one way or another at this time before the full reveal.
  5. Overall I’m pretty disappointed in these. Will wait to see the big reveal next week. But I’m not at all encouraged right now.
  6. I’m still p*ssed at the fact that the Patriots ran 101 plays on offense and weren’t called for offensive holding a single f*cking time... Which should literally be impossible. I vividly remember an obvious no call when the Pats were throwing from their endzone that should’ve resulted in a safety.
  7. Pretty bummed we didn’t get those late 90’s grey/silver pants. Was really hoping for those.
  8. I really hate the tramp stamp fade to black on the red jerseys. Looks trashy af
  9. I got fatigue from this stuff after hearing Vic claim he’s a double digit sack guy and all of Takk’s unmet seasonal goals....
  10. Sucks he got injured last year on the cusp of taking the backup job from Schaub.....
  11. He literally says they still want to use the draft to help the people of America who are desperate for something to take their minds off of all the craziness. Still use the draft for some positive morale.
  12. Keanu and Kazee are on the team for this season, we don’t need another safety in the 1st for this coming season, draft one in the 1st next year if Keanu and Kazee leave.
  13. Safety in the first is a terrible choice IMO. We have 3 guys capable of playing safety this year. We have to go DT or DE in the 1st, maybe even LB.
  14. Dante Fowler was in that draft too, no?
  15. Still don’t understand how Hoop’s deal doesn’t warrant a 3rd.
  16. Hooper’s deal reset the market for TE’s. Gotta think that nets us a 3rd counting his total deal.
  17. This is what I need to know..... we might just have a solid amount of comp picks assuming we don’t spend big on anyone.
  18. No thanks at that price. Ridiculous deal for him.
  19. I’d take CJ Henderson at 16 over Swift. There are plenty of RBs that will be on that board at 47 for us to take.
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