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  1. 5 minutes ago, GeorgiaFalconFan said:

    Doesn't matter if you are the only one or not, Matt Ryan is the Atlanta Falcons Starting Quarterback, if your a Falcons fan you are pulling for him and not knocking him after 1 lose in the regular season. Thing about it is, he did not throw any interceptions. Falcons PUT POINTS ON THE BOARD, the defense was HORRIBLE toward the end of the 2nd QTR when they stopped going after Winston and playing soft zone defense. They were sitting ducks and got exposed with their defensive scheme because of it. JMO....... 

    LOL the defense was not the reason Atlanta lost. They had two back to back 3 and outs but the offense couldn't do a **** thing. It was the defense that got the ball back for Matt Ryan and the offense to have a chance to TIE THE GAME. And they didn't, Matt Ryan missed two first down throws back to back on that last drive. 

  2. Just now, knomercy said:


    On which planet and corresponding universe is this true?

    The game that just got over. Did you not watch it? It's either a horrible play call by Shanahan or a stupid *** decision or poor throw by Ryan. Same as last year. The pass rush is non existent when it counts. Beasley might as well have not even played today he was invisible. What a bum.

  3. He was pretty bad today. Even his completions were off the mark. Look at that first big play to Sanu, Sanu made an amazing adjustment and snagged it. The short dump off and long run by Coleman was another excellent adjustment to a poorly thrown ball. That last drive was just awful. Had Julio with a little crease to run, had Sanu wide open in the soft spot of the zone. Missed both horribly. He had a few bonehead decisions throughout the game as well. If you're sticking up for Matt Ryan right now you're either only looking at stats and not game footage or you're delusional.

  4. 30 minutes ago, Falconsfan567 said:

    You're an idiot. Please explain what Kyle has done today that has been bad? False start penalties. Dropped passes. Run blocking has been crappy. But of course it's Kyle's fault because you're an idiot that doesn't understand football.

    Because his 3rd down call in the red zone was ******* stupid. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, nomak said:

    Only QB to not get this included in his game description "both of his interceptions coming as a result of drops" because Matt's int's were never because of drops, tipped passes, wrong routes...etc.  All of his int's is because he is a lack luster NFL QB. 

    Are you kidding? Matt Ryan has had quite a few INT's as a result from drops, tipped passes, wrong routes, etc. 

  6. Beas looked horrid in the game against Miami. It was more than noticeably bad. He looked like a sad little boy picking up his cookies that he dropped on the ground after every single play. He was my favorite player of his entire draft class. But watching his interviews these days and the way he looks on the field is just both depressing and embarrassing. 

  7. 1 minute ago, nomak said:

    When he hired the worst OC he could possibly find...yes he should step down...no never mind he shouldn't be given the opportunity to step down he should be told his services is no longer needed and take your hired puppet with you.      

    Really? This board is ridiculous. 

  8. Campbell and Jones both looked great. I was also liking what I saw from my boy Goodwin at CB. Looked miles ahead of Alford and even Trufant in their first taste of CB pre season action. Not saying Goodwin is going to be a super star but you gotta be encouraged of how he performed. Had a few big time open field tackles too.

  9. Campbell over pursued twice and took himself out of the play in the process, leading to big chunks of yards by the 'skins. Deion Jones couldn't get off his blocks on those two instances either which didn't help. I'm sure Ulbrich will get them coached up and they'll be back with a vengeance this week. Those were really the only two times where they messed up at all and the pros far outweighed the cons.

    Campbell's closing speed is something we haven't had at the linebacker position for such a long time. Deion Jones had a lot more pop in his hits than I was expecting from him, and I did see him shrug off a few blocks that also surprised me. Overall very impressed and encouraged from what I saw out of these two rooks.

  10. Another case of DLed making **** up. I saw Beas answer the question and in no way shape or form did Beas act as if he needed convincing. I'm so sick of D'Led.... My god he is such a **** joke. He was probably just salty because Beas straight up laughed in his stupid *** face when he thought Beas had a pick against Tennessee instead of San Fran. Can we not get someone else to represent the team in the media? He reflects poorly on the team and his dumbass agenda with his articles bitching and moaning against the team all the time. **** that dude. 

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