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  1. De'Vondre Campbell is already the best LBer on the team so if he didn't start it would be some serious ********. I am slightly surprised they're giving Jones the start Week 1, but it's definitely for the best. Worrilow needs to be what he truly is, a depth/special teams guy.
  2. Are you kidding? Matt Ryan has had quite a few INT's as a result from drops, tipped passes, wrong routes, etc.
  3. Better coaches? lol. Considering the Bucs currently have Atlanta's sloppy seconds.
  4. Beas looked horrid in the game against Miami. It was more than noticeably bad. He looked like a sad little boy picking up his cookies that he dropped on the ground after every single play. He was my favorite player of his entire draft class. But watching his interviews these days and the way he looks on the field is just both depressing and embarrassing.
  5. Those who already want Quinn fired really don't understand how football works. GTFO
  6. Yeah I remember Brent Grimes walking into the tunnel on his own power the year he got hurt all season too..... Doesn't mean anything
  7. If he didn't immediately go to the ground clutching it and stop playing entirely that's a good sign. He finished the play at least. He's got two weeks to heal up.
  8. How bad is it? I'm at work and haven't seen anything.
  9. This McKissic dude is pushing for that roster spot. Fuller might have to be on the practice squad if J.D. keeps it up.
  10. Campbell and Jones both looked great. I was also liking what I saw from my boy Goodwin at CB. Looked miles ahead of Alford and even Trufant in their first taste of CB pre season action. Not saying Goodwin is going to be a super star but you gotta be encouraged of how he performed. Had a few big time open field tackles too.
  11. Campbell over pursued twice and took himself out of the play in the process, leading to big chunks of yards by the 'skins. Deion Jones couldn't get off his blocks on those two instances either which didn't help. I'm sure Ulbrich will get them coached up and they'll be back with a vengeance this week. Those were really the only two times where they messed up at all and the pros far outweighed the cons. Campbell's closing speed is something we haven't had at the linebacker position for such a long time. Deion Jones had a lot more pop in his hits than I was expecting from him, and I did see
  12. Saves about 3 million in cap space, good chunk of change.
  13. Another case of DLed making **** up. I saw Beas answer the question and in no way shape or form did Beas act as if he needed convincing. I'm so sick of D'Led.... My god he is such a **** joke. He was probably just salty because Beas straight up laughed in his stupid *** face when he thought Beas had a pick against Tennessee instead of San Fran. Can we not get someone else to represent the team in the media? He reflects poorly on the team and his dumbass agenda with his articles bitching and moaning against the team all the time. **** that dude.
  14. Julio for sure. I wasn't watching the draft because Atlanta had one of the last picks in the first round. Looked down at my phone and had a dozen texts from people going nuts at the pick. I was in disbelief.
  15. Kurt Warner reference maybe because this kid's career isn't over yet.
  16. Article severely understates Boykin's ability on the field in that last paragraph. He was more than solid with the Steelers and seemed to come into Carolina at a bad time. Panthers are committed to Bernwikere & McClain as well as their draft picks. He was the odd man out. Unless something comes out about him off the field there's no reason Atlanta shouldn't at least give him a try out.
  17. Wasn't it like $8 previously? Can't remember. I'll take $5 over that any day. More you drink the more you save.
  18. Mettenberger has NFL game experience and isn't even close to reaching his potential. He was rushed into starting duties as a rookie where he was obviously a guy who needed to sit and learn a whole season or two. Let him sit behind Matt for the remainder of Matt's career. If Boykin hasn't gotten into trouble off the field Atlanta would be stupid not to at least bring him in for a visit. He'll take over the nickel role instantly at least until Jalen gets back and they see where he's at. We saw how cheap his initial contract was this offseason, if he's clean he's easily worth that price. No
  19. Do we scoop both of these guys up? I'd say go for it.
  20. Our QB depth behind Matt is awful, maybe we bring in Mett to hold the clipboard for a few years? Learning behind Matt could do wonders for him and we wouldn't need him to see the field for another 5 years, he's 24 right now so he could be a good young project. Better than anyone else we have there now.
  21. I've gone back and forth between who I hate 2nd and 3rd, but my #1 has always been the saints. I had a roommate who was a Saints fan help stoke the coals on that one as well. Respect the Panthers as of now. **** the Bucs.
  22. I was completely sold on Dan Quinn during his introductory press conference. He inherited a mess on defense and already took it from 32nd to the mid teens. He better get AT LEAST another 3-4 years before he's anywhere close to the hot seat.
  23. I'm saying there were A LOT of sacks that were avoiding by opposing QB's last season because they had their RB's or TE's open short. Neal and Jones excel at snuffing these routes out which will lead to more sacks. This is not that hard to understand at all.
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