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  1. You literally just admitted in this thread you’re a Manning fanboy.
  2. What evidence have you provided against it? That he has too many super bowl rings, and doesn’t count because his defense deserves more of the credit? Get out of here, as if Manning won either of his with the team entirely on his back with nobody else around. Manning had Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and Dallas Clark to throw to. Brady had..... Troy Brown? ... Deion Branch? Get outta here with your biased BS. Manning didn’t change the game, Warren Moon threw for 4,600 yds and a 30+/12 TD/INT ratio in 1990. Quit acting like Manning going beyond 3,500 and 24/10 completely revolutionized
  3. This is just not true, lol. You already admitted you’re a Manning fanboy, as if it wasn’t already incredibly evident from what you’ve said in this thread. Out of the QBs in the conversation, I’m a Montana guy, I don’t even like Brady, but he’s the GOAT hands down and will always be remembered as such. Doesn’t matter that you don’t like him or have a hard on for Manning. It’s out of our control, you just have to deal with it. Manning can be your own personal GOAT, but that’s not the reality we live in.
  4. Well I am saying he’s wrong. Because he is. Brady is the obvious GOAT.
  5. Brady is absolutely the greatest to ever play the position. Get real, people. Marino? Lmao.... Only QB to have ANY argument to be considered better than Brady is Montana, because he was the previous GOAT. But whether you like it or not, Brady is the best QB of all time, period.
  6. Seriously. Bring in an offensive minded HC and let Baldy coach the D.
  7. Just let it go man. Dude does not see logic and reason and just wants to sh*t on soccer/ATLU. Not worth the time or energy educating these fools. Some folks are just too butt hurt the Falcons are a joke of a franchise while the Five Stripes are changing American soccer forever.
  8. Yeah Red Velvet definitely looked like a guy who didn’t play at all in the preseason. But I’m sure he’ll get it together sooner rather than later.
  9. For real.. notice I didn’t answer either, lol. I guess I give it to Schlenk because I love the young talent he’s already assembled here. And they’re poised to make a giant FA signing next offseason, or save that cap to do it the following year when we can land a legit superstar to team up with our own young (hopefully) superstars.
  10. I wouldn’t say it’s as “completely different” for GMs of different sports compared to how different it is for the players. You’re still bringing in talent through a draft/free agency and assembling a roster with players and coaches.
  11. Hawks have a legit shot at a playoff spot this year. Trae Young is the future of the city for sure.
  12. I’d rather watch a game with a championship team play in a stadium filled with REAL fans who have real passion for their team and the sport they’re watching over the sh*t show that the Falcons drag onto the field and the fans that go to their games. I was at the Rams/Falcons game last week and I was YAWNING by the end of the 3rd quarter. That experience just about put me to sleep and I was in the f**king front row. Arthur Blank put Atlanta on the worldwide map with Atlanta United. They won it all in their second season. Soccer fans who have watched premier league teams for decades from
  13. It’s pretty easy to “get into” soccer. There’s a reason it’s the biggest sport in the world... Some of you just sound like you’re butt hurt the team the Falcons share a stadium with is a significantly better team in their league than the Falcons are in the NFL. Atlanta United has another PLAYOFF game this coming Wednesday at 8pm ET. Watch it. See what the Benz looks like when it’s actually full. Get an idea of what the energy there can be like when fans show up to games and are actually loud the entire game. It’s honestly not even comparable to the joke you see on Sundays watching th
  14. Shanny-Man, Shanny-Man Does whatever a Shanny can Calling plays, of many types Winning games, left and right Look out! Here comes the Shanny-Man! Is he smart? Listen you He’s an offensive-minded guru Can he coach, defense though? Take a look, He’s 6 and 0 Hey, there! There goes the Shanny-Man! In the sun of the Bay, at the scene of a game Like a ray of handsome light He arrives, you know his name Shanny-Man, Shanny-Man Levi’s Stadium Shanny-Man Running Backs? He’s got four Scoring points is hi
  15. Dude is a scum bag. Has been since college.
  16. Raiders just got an extra 2020 3rd round pick, so maybe they’d be more apt to part with their 3rd round pick, or maybe even a 2nd. I’d take either of those deals in a heart beat.
  17. They’ve said this before about injuries and then guys end up on IR. This doesn’t mean much to me.
  18. Clabo & Dahl played together and were mean guys. Blalock was pretty stoic.
  19. It’s filled in a bit. It’s most empty on the Rams side really.
  20. I have Ryan & Julio. This defense does wonders for their FF numbers.
  21. I just feel bad for the guy.....
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