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  1. We would get a lot more than just a 2022 1st & 2nd for them to move up that far
  2. Aaron Glenn already was announced as the Lions new DC. Presumably under Dan Campbell.
  3. Hate the haul because the trade would put us in the perfect spot to get Harris.
  4. Not fair to say he “stunk” with the Panthers when he had to adjust to not having his top player. Still made Teddy seem like a competent QB and had three WRs top 1,000 yards. Also he’s young and it gives us an opportunity to have continuity on offense for a long time.
  5. Fontenot/Brady here we come. Brady works out and he could be our coach for a long long time. Imagine a decade of offensive continuity, best case scenario.
  6. I’d take Brady or Hackett over Smith. But I’m just good with an offensive guy at this point.
  7. First domino falls. **** is about to hit the fan now.
  8. I was all in on Daboll but I’ve cooled off on him lately. Hackett or Brady plz
  9. Well if we wanted Morocco Brown we can get him now after this game.
  10. Pat is great. I listen to his show a lot while working and it’s pretty hilarious. He has Aaron Rodgers on every Tuesday and it’s always worth a watch/listen.
  11. If the new HC isn’t an offensive minded guy I’m going to be so god**** disappointed. Why is McKay making any decisions for this team? Dude should’ve been canned a long time ago.
  12. Heart break?? Was anyone legitimately heart broken after this game? I’ve been numb to this team’s weekly results since the conclusion of 2016.
  13. Blank was pretty firm when he said it was up to the GM. The interviewer gave him a chance to stick up for Ryan, but Blank didn’t.
  14. Houston’s SOS is currently higher than ours, meaning we would most likely stay ahead of them if we both lose out.
  15. Tbf Takk was playing like an absolute beast in that first game. He looked unblockable. It’s a shame he’s had so many injuries and played hurt his whole career.
  16. Takk for a 5th to a desperate team looking for pass rush. 5th is probably even unrealistic though tbh
  17. It’s cool that Foye is being counted on as a leader already. Dude has a nose for the football and a presence about him that is like an old school LB.
  18. No way. Those two are just like DQ. Coordinators in the shadows of a great HC and a cupboard absolutely over stocked with talent. Mike McDaniel is the offensive genius we need. Shanahan refused to let other teams interview McDaniel over the offseason. The NFL actually is implementing a new rule starting next offseason that HCs can no longer deny interviews because of this.
  19. Bienemy is another DQ imo. Working in the shadow of a great HC with the fully stocked cupboard that the HC built. No thanks. But we need an offensive minded coach who can call his own plays. Because it means we’ll have continuity on offense, which we haven’t had the entirety of Ryan’s career.
  20. Pretty disappointed in AJ if he put himself in a situation where he was exposed. 2,000+ players have been able to stay healthy up to now. Not to mention the coaches and staffs in the league. It’s pretty much inexcusable, and we really need him out there.
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