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  1. So let’s root for the 9ers and another Minneapolis Miracle next weekend.
  2. What a finish to the year, love Debo. What’s this mean for our draft position?
  3. I don’t mind it because he’d call the offense and give us continuity at playcalling on that side of the ball for his tenure.
  4. Kind of like how all I said was that the Falcons are losers, which is true, and pisses you off?
  5. My only guess is some people are just butt hurt that there’s a successful team that plays games in the Benz. I just about fell asleep at the Falcons/Rams game this year, and I was in the front row. That team will have you yawning by the 3rd quarter.
  6. Funny you say I have thin skin when you’re spouting off that weak BS. Sorry the Falcons continue to be a joke while Atlanta United put American soccer on the map. I’ve been a Falcons fan for 20+ years and I can admit that they’re currently a sorry bunch in a state of complete disarray. Seems pointless to let your anger out against the only successful team to play home games in the Benz. You’re pretty pathetic to root against a team in Atlanta by the way. You sound like a sad, sad human being.
  7. Go ahead and keep talking out of your ***. Though I don’t really care about MLB or college football so my comment wasn’t really directed at those Atlanta teams. To be honest I should’ve directed the “losers” bit solely to the Falcons. Because I absolutely love the Hawks and what they’ve been building since Schlenk has shown up. So I will apologize for not being more specific if you’re defending any of the teams besides the Falcons.
  8. Agree with your assessment. I’m thinking/hoping Len is gone after this year though tbh.
  9. Oh go fu** yourself. The Campeones Cup was against the championship team in the top Mexican soccer league.
  10. Don’t include United in with these other losers. They walked away with plenty of hardware this season including the US Open Cup and they became the first MLS team to win the Campeones Cup. They also got a spot in the CONCACAF this spring. All while losing their top player to the premier league and their head coach to the Mexico national team.
  11. Should’ve gave him up and see what we have in Ollison. This was a severely dumb move.
  12. The Lions INQUIRED about the trade but offered a middle finger? That makes no sense. I’m sure they offered at least a 5th or 6th round pick.
  13. shock

    Trae Young

    X-Rays came back negative. He’ll have an MRI soon but they’re optimistic he won’t miss much time. Evidently he was wanting to come back in.
  14. I’m not holding my breath we make any moves.....
  15. The dude was saying he doesn’t want an ex HC to come onto the staff. I don’t necessarily agree that being an ex HC should disqualify a candidate, but I get the sentiment with all the ones we currently have on staff now.
  16. I’d be down for McDaniels honestly. Dude is one of the most successful offensive minds in the history of the game. And in his non existence stint with the Colts he still was able to bring in an excellent DC for that team, so I trust his ability to assemble a great staff around him. When it comes down to it though I’m happy with any HC we bring in who calls his own plays on offense. That’s a must IMO.
  17. shock

    Trae Young

    Trae actually plays defense too unlike Curry..... Also only player in league history to start a season with 38+ points, 7 rebounds, 9 assists in the first two games.
  18. Doesn’t mean I don’t have compromised judgment? Like you do with Manning, as evident in this thread? Got it.
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