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  1. I was all about Fields during the year when we kept piling up losses. But now that we’ve restructured Ryan’s deal and we brought in a offensive guru in Arthur Smith, I really want to go with Pitts at 4. I don’t even really want to trade down. That said, I wouldn’t mind taking a QB at 4, or trading down for more picks. I would just prefer Pitts. So at this point I just want the god**** draft to be here already. One of the best times of the year tbh
  2. He’d be my guy over Fields tbh. I’m taking Pitts over either of them. But I’d be happy with any of the 3.
  3. These next 4 weeks are gonna drrraaaaggg
  4. There’s gonna be two QBs to choose from no matter which one goes at 3.
  5. Why can’t there be a Chase Young type pass rusher in the draft this year on a platter for us to take at 4......
  6. Would love to have him settle into one of the starting spots along the DL. Really liked him after the draft last year. Sucks his rookie season ended up a wash.
  7. There is absolutely no way, 0% chance SF traded up for Pitts. It’s not happening.
  8. I would bet my house, my dogs, and my very soul that the 9ers didn’t just trade up for anything other than a QB.
  9. This. I’m getting sick of the talk that a TE shouldn’t go that high. No TE has been taken higher than 5th I think. People will say, look at Kelce & Kittle, both weren’t top picks in the draft. The problem I have with this argument is that it uses hind sight without going the extra step of admitting if you had a redraft in the years those dudes came out, they would ABSOLUTELY BE TOP PICKS. This argument is garbage. Pitts is an all new breed of TE, put him with Julio, Calvin, Hurst, and Gage. You got yourself a terrifying team to match up against for defenses, especially with our n
  10. You’re kidding yourself if you think all 5 of these QBs aren’t going in the top 10.
  11. If we do go WR, I’d easily take Chase over the Bama dudes. But I’d prefer Pitts over Chase.
  12. Nah, Pitts opens the offense up a **** of a lot more. Especially with this TE wizard we have coaching the team now. Arthur Smith has to be drooling imagining all the plays he could draw up with Pitts in this offense with the guys we already got.
  13. Don’t want to trade up. I’m on the Pitts bandwagon at this point.
  14. Love this signing. He can do it all, run between the tackles, get outside, block, catch. Everything. He has plenty of tread left on the tires but he’s still a guy who will truck you. Stupid cheap deal too. Arthur Smith is gonna love this guy, he will be a good mentor for whoever we draft as well.
  15. You’re a fool if you think this guy is getting out of the top 10. He’s a game breaker.
  16. This is absolutely mind blowing. We could get ~$10 million in cap space by doing this. Grady is a top talent player in the league, he’s gonna be here for the long haul and he’s already locked up. It’s literally a no brainer. And to a lesser extent, Deion Jones is in the same boat. Jones has had some injury issues lately but he still has the talent and the deal already in place. Fontenot saying he felt like he was forced to restructure Matt is just not the case. Restructure these two players I mention and you double the money you freed up by doing Matt’s deal. Without the con of being
  17. I’d love for us to get him on a cheap multi year deal.
  18. I agree with you, but you’re kidding yourself if you think Trey is falling out of the top 8-10 range.
  19. I’d love Pitts if we traded back. Not at 4 though.
  20. Fontenot was the Saints pro scout so it makes sense he’d have this approach. If he can evaluate vets in the league to fill empty roles on the team this is the perfect strategy.
  21. So he’s saying we’re gonna be going mostly BPA in the draft, and go with filling our needs in FA with vets? I like this plan quite a bit.
  22. Zaven Collins is the dream 2nd rounder. Probably won’t last that long though.
  23. I wouldn’t mind trading back twice and ending up with both Zaven Collins & Najee after the first night. May seem like a stretch, but teams are desperate for QBs and will make dumb trades to get one.
  24. His response shows why we should at least consider a potential top 4 pick franchise QB in this draft. After the wildness of 2020, letting this kid sit a year behind Matt Ryan would be invaluable for the new QB’s development. I’d trust Matt to do everything anyone could do in his situation to get the new guy ready for the league. That being said, I wouldn’t be disappointed if the team goes in another direction and we don’t go QB at 4.
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