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  1. Cut Beasley, Schrader & Reed. Use some of that money on 2 long term guys who will be instant-starters on the offensive line.
  2. Sucking this bad would be at least enjoyable if we still had Keanu out there.....
  3. The big TDs are more the fault of our weak LBs, SS, and CBs than it is Kazee.
  4. What the ****?? Are you kidding me? But McClain’s bumass is playing? Wow......
  5. The browns are a better team than they’ve been the last couple years. Baker is going to be a star in this league.
  6. I’ve watched every game since their first super bowl season. Including some absolute duds of seasons like the year Vick was in jail. Not going to stop anytime soon. Some of you mother****ers are so fickle.
  7. “It’s not about them and what they do, it’s about us and what we do.”
  8. The caption is hilarious, but it’s obvious one of those guys has the RB and the other is spying the QB. Not a good look and a dumb play call either way.
  9. Love me some Baker. Dude is gonna be a star.
  10. Trufant was NOT trying on that Chubb run. Don’t try and stick up for that level of play.
  11. The only game left this season I’m not supremely confident in is @ New Orleans in the trash dome. Other than that, I think there’s a good chance we don’t lose another game the rest of the regular season. Only defense left we have to play that should legitimately challenge our offense is Baltimore. And they’ve been exposed as of late. None of the other teams we play have a defense that worries me. And outside of the Saints and Packers, none of the offenses are all that intimidating either. Debo is coming back, Irvin is in the fold. I like where our defense is headed. And our offense
  12. I think we’ll beat the Ravens. Mostly because I’m going to the game and the Falcons are 7-0 in games I’ve attended.
  13. Had high hopes for him when we originally brought him in. Had some nice plays for us already since he’s been back. Anybody is better than Richards bum ***....
  14. Yeah we do have reason to believe we can beat the Saints. We’ll have Deion Jones back and he’s always been lights out against New Orleans. Our defense as a whole has vastly improved since the first game against them. Not to mention our offense really hitting their stride.
  15. We *should* absolutely demolish the Browns in Cleveland and then come back home against the Cowboys and stomp them as well. Then if we manage to beat the Saints in their trash dome..... oh man things will get very interesting. We should definitely have our “Saint Killer” Deion Jones back for the Thanksgiving game. I like our chances.
  16. it would take us restructuring Free’s deal AND Tevin taking a discount for this to be feasible.
  17. He just followed the Falcons, Takk McKinley, and one of our new head media guys on twitter... He’s coming home.
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