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  1. I was all about Fields during the year when we kept piling up losses. But now that we’ve restructured Ryan’s deal and we brought in a offensive guru in Arthur Smith, I really want to go with Pitts at 4. I don’t even really want to trade down. 

    That said, I wouldn’t mind taking a QB at 4, or trading down for more picks. I would just prefer Pitts. So at this point I just want the god**** draft to be here already. One of the best times of the year tbh

  2. 1 minute ago, rcky_mtn_falcon said:

    Pitts all day long. I've often wondered why there has never been a coach willing to try a 4 TE offense.

    They're bigger and can out muscle CB's. They're usually faster than LBs and far cheaper than WRs.

    Give me Hurst, Pitts and 2 other guys in that mold that can block and receive. Now my offense will dictate because if I want to run the ball I have 9 blockers opening holes, and if I want to pass I can leak any of those guys out or run them as 4 receivers.  

    You're not changing out personnel with FB's and WR. So you're not giving the defense as many groups to use as keys.

    You could line up in any formation and never change personnel. Drop a guy back to H-back if you want to use a blocking back.

    As innovative as Shanny is he might have moved ahead of us to take Pitts to pair with Kittle. Then the entire NFL world loses their collective minds.

    People seem to overlook how dominant the Patriots were with Gronkowski and Hernandez.

    I would bet my house, my dogs, and my very soul that the 9ers didn’t just trade up for anything other than a QB. 

  3. 8 hours ago, gazoo said:

    Pitts is hands down my personal choice if we stay at 4.

    A TE like that is an absolute game changer, which is what you want that high.

    This. I’m getting sick of the talk that a TE shouldn’t go that high. No TE has been taken higher than 5th I think. People will say, look at Kelce & Kittle, both weren’t top picks in the draft. 

    The problem I have with this argument is that it uses hind sight without going the extra step of admitting if you had a redraft in the years those dudes came out, they would ABSOLUTELY BE TOP PICKS. This argument is garbage. Pitts is an all new breed of TE, put him with Julio, Calvin, Hurst, and Gage. You got yourself a terrifying team to match up against for defenses, especially with our new offensive guru calling the plays.

    Oh yeah, and the kid can’t even legally drink yet. He’s gonna be a match up nightmare for the next 12+ years. He’s a guy who easily has the potential to have his jersey hanging in the rafters when it’s all said and done. 

  4. 1 hour ago, thanat0s said:

    Honestly, if it’s all about Matt, we need Sewell or Slater. They’ll make a much bigger impact for him than another receiving mouth to feed on a team that has every intention of having a balanced attack. That means fewer balls to go around. 

    Nah, Pitts opens the offense up a **** of a lot more. Especially with this TE wizard we have coaching the team now. Arthur Smith has to be drooling imagining all the plays he could draw up with Pitts in this offense with the guys we already got. 

  5. This is absolutely mind blowing. We could get ~$10 million in cap space by doing this. Grady is a top talent player in the league, he’s gonna be here for the long haul and he’s already locked up. It’s literally a no brainer. And to a lesser extent, Deion Jones is in the same boat. Jones has had some injury issues lately but he still has the talent and the deal already in place. 

    Fontenot saying he felt like he was forced to restructure Matt is just not the case. Restructure these two players I mention and you double the money you freed up by doing Matt’s deal. Without the con of being further tied to Matt as he enters his twilight years. 

    I absolutely want to be ride or die with this new regime, but this decision to not move money around with Grady & Debo is just baffling. That’s valuable cap room we sorely need and to refuse to make it happen is just asinine. 

  6. 1 minute ago, irrevelantfalconsfan said:


    The only franchise that traded up in the draft more consistently than the Atlanta Falcons under former general manager Thomas Dimitroff was the New Orleans Saints, where new GM Terry Fontenot rose through the ranks before becoming the man in charge in Atlanta. New Orleans traded up 13 times from 2011-20 — with zero trade downs. Atlanta traded up 12 times and traded down three times. 

    Dimitroff selected QB Matt Ryan with the No. 3 overall pick in his first draft as general manager back in 2008. Here, Fontenot trades up to No. 3 to get the franchise quarterback of the future in Atlanta. Lance started just one season at FCS North Dakota State, so this shouldn’t signal an immediate end to the Matt Ryan era, as he’ll need time to adjust to the NFL game. 




    Now tell me, why would we trade up for a QB that some have falling all the way to 10-15? Not that I don't like Trey, but we don't have enough people on this roster to throwaway picks. Why would we do this?

    I agree with you, but you’re kidding yourself if you think Trey is falling out of the top 8-10 range. 

  7. On 1/25/2021 at 3:30 PM, DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins said:

    They had never worked together and didn't know each other. When we interviewed Fontenot, we told him we really liked Arthur's interview, so Fontenot reached out to Arthur.

    Based on all that, I think Fontenot realized, if he wanted the GM position, he had to give the thumbs up to Arthur Smith.

    In other words, it is not really ideal. McKay picked Fontenot and Arthur, and that means they both have to cave in to McKay's opinions. So we really have 1 and a half head coaches, and 1 and a half GMs.

    It's a dysfunctional set up. It leads to schizophrenia. Imagine, for example, Arthur Smith makes 90% of offseason moves according to his plan, and then, towards the end, McKay dictates something completely inconsistent with the earlier moves (something as fubar'd as hiring Dirk Koetter as OC).

    It might work out ok, but it is not ideal.

    Lol this is just nonsense and not the case at all. 

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