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  1. Mond & Mills would both be excellent options to learn behind Ryan for 2 years and allow us to still get a top player like Pitts.
  2. Yeah we don’t have the cap space for either of those guys. We can’t even afford our rookie draft class as of right now.
  3. I don’t know if we’d trade before the draft... if they really want Trey Lance there’s definitely a chance he’s there at 4. Might have to wait for draft night unless someone offers up a ton of picks and we can’t say no.
  4. Pitts to Atlanta is just the perfect fit. He’d be playing under a TE loving play calling head coach. He’d have one of the goats in Julio to learn from. And Ridley is there to help elevate his route running even further than it already is. I love this fit for us and would be ecstatic if we end up taking him at 4.
  5. Dimitroff would draft obvious no name busts in the 3rd round. Once we got to day 3 I was mentally prepared that we were going to draft a bunch of guys who we could’ve got as UDFA. I hope TF sticks to his BPA mantra all 7 rounds.
  6. You said Kelce isn’t a top name in the NFL, that’s simply not true. What’s your argument here? That QBs are bigger names than TEs? I pray to god that Terry Fontenot doesn’t draft solely on that line of logic.
  7. The “PITTS IS A HORRIBLE BLOCKER” take is a dumb one and simply not true. He’s a willing blocker who was barely ever asked to block in the offense he ran in college. People who don’t take the time to watch the film are polluting the narrative with this take, and it’s just false.
  8. yep. So awful we don’t have a Chase Young type pass rusher in this draft for us at 4......
  9. I cannot wait for this board on draft night to blow the f*ck up. Regardless of who we end up taking, lol
  10. Wow you are vastly misinformed. Thankfully you’re not in charge of the decision making.
  11. Talk about reaching for needs. Fontenot has said 100 times that that’s not his MO for the draft. If we traded back and Pitts was taken before we were up, I’d be good with it.
  12. what??? Kelce is absolutely one of the top names in the NFL. What a stretch of a statement lmao. He’s easily one of the most consistent players in the league and nearly led the NFL in receiving yards last season.
  13. Pitts had 12 TDs in 8 games last year. Let’s score some TDs.
  14. The “TOO HIGH TO DRAFT A TE!!!” Argument is a dumb one, imo. People will say “Kelce & Kittle were drafted outside of the 1st round!” But this is pure hindsight without going the next step and admit that if you did a redraft those guys would absolutely be drafted at the top of the 1st round. Terry Fontenot has been preaching BPA since he first got here. Pitts is in the discussion of being the BPA in this entire draft.
  15. I’ve been on the Pitts at 4 bandwagon for weeks now. Let’s make it happen. Imagine this 20 year old phenom learning from one of the goats. Julio would be invaluable for Pitts to learn how to be a pro. Calvin is 26 and has been successful as well. Julio had Roddy & Tony G to learn from. Pitts would have Julio & Ridley.
  16. If we needed him to start Day 1 I’d pass. But we don’t. Same with Trey Lance. I’d be happy with either of these guys at 4 because we all know they’re gonna be sitting and learning that first year (potentially 2)
  17. The more I hear Arthur Smith talk the more I believe we got the right guy.
  18. It’s gonna be Fields, Lance, Sewell, or Pitts. I’m happy with any one of them.
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