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  1. Chiefs/Rams super bowl would be amazing. 120 total points scored.
  2. I want Cody Ford at 14. It’s time to FINALLY invest in a top quality young OLine prospect who has tons of versatility. He can start day one at either guard spot or potentially right tackle. He could be our guy for the next 10+ years. DQ said this offseason will be about adding some nastiness, Ford is far and away the most nasty OL man in the draft. Let’s get him at 14.
  3. Some of you are so ridiculous, man. I understand why falcons fans get a bad rap.
  4. Takk worries me sometimes with what he puts on his social medias. Dude has been through **** and back for sure and definitely has his own demons he’s been dealing with for years. Hope he gets his health right. He could be one of the Falcons all time greats after it’s all said and done.
  5. Understand the hate for the Saints, but not really why the Patriots playing them in the super bowl this year is our “nightmare” Doesn’t make sense. I’d actively root for the Patriots in that scenario. The patriots beat us in the super bowl in a way no other team in NFL history could have or would have. Tom Brady is officially the greatest QB of all time. We’re honestly all lucky we get to watch the man play today and witness greatness. He went from a 6th round draft pick, chubby guy no one wanted to the GOAT. And he told Robert Kraft when he met him that his franchise just made the best d
  6. Strange. I thought the KC fans were pretty **** awesome and super welcoming when I went to a Falcons/Chiefs game years ago. That stadium is gorgeous as well.
  7. I’d assume he’d take the Cardinals job. Less pressure and he and Kliff could form a nice bond.
  8. So Knapp is officially still around as QB coach then? Man we have a lot of former HCs on the team for our offense now. No more excuses.
  9. I don’t think Gase would be good because if he shows up and our offense looks like it did our super bowl year then he’s gone after one season. We need a guy who will stick around at least 3-4 seasons, give us some stability at OC for once. This is a big reason I want Kubiak and hope Broncos get an offensive minded head coach so they’ll let him leave.
  10. If a guy like Jonah Williams falls to 14 then that has to be the pick. Go DT in the 2nd.
  11. Well we’d need a top 5 pick for any of those guys.
  12. We need Robiskie back here coaching WRs ASAP. Heem needs to stick to the defensive side.
  13. Also we could assume Dirk would be here for a solid 3 or 4 seasons right? Like he’s not a guy who will ditch us after a successful season or two? If he solidified the OC spot for us for the remainder of Ryan’s career that would be absolutely huge.
  14. One thing that was truly great while Dirk was here was that he consistently let Matt Ryan audible and call plays at the line like he was Peyton Manning. When Dirk was here we ran that no huddle offense and it was a thing of beauty to watch. If he’s our new guy I hope to see that come back and be used a lot more than we have since he left.
  15. Yep this is what I want. DQ take over at DC, and bring in a guy like Kubiak to be the OC on the sidelines and help DQ a bit with gameday responsibilities.
  16. I’m going to root against them all season next year I guess. We’ll go 19-0.
  17. Hey Vick would’ve thrown a TD to himself if it wasn’t for Polamalu beating him to the corner.
  18. If we lose we have a chance at jumping as high as the 5th pick. Our SOS is so low that we will be in front of any team in the top 10 that we have the same record as.
  19. We could still get abused in this kid’s first start at QB. I’m hoping. A top 5 pick would really save this season and we gain NOTHING from beating a Camless Panthers team who have thrown in the towel on their season.
  20. We need to just bench Alford for Oliver and McClain for Senat already for these last two games. Get the kids some reps.
  21. It has to be Kubiak. I’d somehow rather stay with Sark than bring in Bevell.
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