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  1. For Oliver I don’t like it, personally. But we definitely have the draft picks to be movers this year. Like someone else said, there’s no way we’re drafting 9 players.
  2. I’d personally be stoked with Ford at 14. I think he could be an excellent RT.
  3. I’d be really surprised if he’s not on the 53. Assuming we don’t pick up a LB in the first 3 or 4 picks. And even then, I’ll still be rooting for this guy.
  4. Watching Keanu Neal play has been the most enjoyable part of our defense being on the field since the John Abraham days.
  5. Still don’t want to trade up for him..... I’d take Brian Burns/Dexter Lawrence with our first two picks and be perfectly happy.
  6. Blank loves that phrase. NFL needs to add extra cap space for teams to resign players they drafted themselves. NBA does this, it just makes too much sense.
  7. What’s the cap relief if we take it now vs June 1st?
  8. Come on DQ!! Get us our big guy in the middle!
  9. Hoping DQ works his DL magic and gets Danny Shelton to come here on a reasonable multi year deal. That along with our two guards would vastly improve my expectations for this year.
  10. 9ers really just made a scrub the highest paid LB in league history..... We need to resign Deion Jones right now before Mosley gets $18 mil a year or some BS. Then we’ll have to give even more.
  11. So embarrassing... Can we just move on from him already...
  12. We sorely need a guy who can be effective inside and outside. He could be our guy for that job this season, potentially next year as well.
  13. Great contract. And we got another year of Coach Schaub
  14. I get where you’re coming from but I don’t think any DT in the league is 80% as talented as AD.
  15. And that’s ridiculous. No way should Atlanta give him that.
  16. Let him walk. That money could be used elsewhere, and wouldn’t this land us a high comp pick next year? We could double dip at DT in the first two rounds, there will be two instant starters there for us. Ed Oliver 1st, Dexter Lawrence 2nd.
  17. This is just a horrible plan. We should try and lower his cap hit because he hasn’t been worth $12+ million in 3 years.
  18. Couldn’t figure out how to get this to work on my phone.... anyone else have that problem?
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