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  1. He has the arm length to play RT. Maybe he starts his career there. He allowed 0 sacks in 2018 and only 3 QB pressures.
  2. Taylor or Williams would be huge for us if one of them slipped.
  3. Sure, but why would we replace a starter we already have on a long term deal when there are much bigger holes to fill.
  4. To counter some of the other options and cement my choice as the correct one: We already have a penetrating DT in Grady Jarrett. Unless you’re not expecting us to keep him long term. We have 2 DE’s who are strong enough to move inside on passing downs in Takk & AC. And as for WLB & FS we got Beasley and Rico/Kazee. Although Kazee may have locked himself into our starting nickel corner, an important role in this D. Which leaves the only position we don’t have covered at all: a giant DT who can clog the middle on run downs and get some much needed push inside on pas
  5. How dare you call Keanu & Debo’s play merely “satisfactory”?!? These guys are potentially the tops of the elite at their positions for the next 5+ years. Anyways I’d say what we need most on D is a giant at NT who is talented enough that he can still play in our nickel defense and be effective.
  6. This draft is absolutely stacked with day 3 RB prospects who could potentially start or have a nice role on a team’s offense.
  7. Plenty of people care. It would be nice to know our franchise player is locked up and happy. And it would probably free up some cap this year to hopefully work out a deal for Grady. Also Deion Jones is up for his new deal as well... Meaning it would be the first domino to fall. Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t care....
  8. **** I thought his new contract got announced and this thread was gonna be about that.
  9. So we’ll most likely grab a offensive tackle in the 1st or 2nd
  10. We don’t really have any tough outdoor games at all.
  11. I’ve always though Daniel Jeremiah was trash. I definitely don’t want Greedy at 14.
  12. That would most likely be the price. And it’s a big **** no to that.
  13. **** it brings a tear of joy to my eye seeing Keanu smile like that again ready to get to work. This guy has been THE reason to watch our D play these past couple years for me Last season was just a nightmare.
  14. As long as we keep Deion and Keanu I’m a happy man.
  15. Man I’m excited for the draft regardless of how the Cheerios end up smelling Thursday night.
  16. This guy can get some serious snaps for us and be a stout run defender. He’s definitely more than “just a body” gtfo.
  17. Us signing Shelton would make me more comfortable drafting Ed Oliver
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