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  1. Not going to click the link because I don’t want to give the ajc my click, but who ranked our draft 30 out of 32? And he just says it like it’s fact, some all knowing rating system that can perfectly grade draft classes before anyone has played a game.... **** D’led, he’s shown time and time again to be a piece of human garbage. This team is beyond moronic for keeping him around.
  2. Hopefully it’ll end up being a draft class we want to commemorate. I like the chances.
  3. **** we’re lucky Matt Ryan is made of rubber with as many hits he takes. Sheesh.
  4. Man, McGary was hilarious in his first presser. Dude seemed totally at ease and 100% genuine with his responses. **** you DLed, you piece of human trash. McGary is far from “awkward” or whatever the **** his dumb*** attack article said.
  5. I agree about getting him a ring, I’m just confused where the $300M came from
  6. Sanu is the dad of the offense. He keeps everybody on the level. When he’s not on the field our offense looks different, in a bad way.
  7. $300M? Are we talking all of his contracts put together? His last deal was $150M so I’m confused.
  8. Exactly. The dude has flashed all pro potential at times in his career. And when doing so it’s him relying on his god given abilities. Hopefully now with some perspective he can bottle that up and truly be great.
  9. This is my guy out of this rookie class. He’s a perfect DQ CB too. I like his chances at a bright future as a Falcon.
  10. If we get anything close out of this rookie class to what we got out of the 2016 class I think it’s a lock.
  11. Marcus Green looks pretty good for that spot.
  12. People pounding the table for a 1st round DT forget that Senat played really well and was graded even better. If he takes a big jump forward and Grady playing for his big deal, we should be fine another year with what we got at DT. Also Clayborn, Chominksy, and Crawford can all kick inside on long 3rd downs. Davison was brought in to help against the run. Don’t forget Hageman the wildcard.
  13. Fire this piece of trash. How much more unprofessional are they going to allow him to be? Meanwhile guys with conviction like Jay Adams get canned, but this piece of **** always gets a pass? DOL has been an embarrassment to this franchise for a decade. **** this idiot.
  14. ....I said Miller would be our outside guy WITH Oliver. Meaning they’d both be outside. This is assuming Miller makes strides in a year or two and is worth starting.
  15. Seems like Miller would be our outside guy with Oliver and have Sheffield as more of an inside guy.
  16. People who are complaining about our picks or are legit mad about the positions we got are idiotic. Our OL was abused and trash last year, the year before that not much better. We got two guys who can solidify our OL and the depth to turn it into a real strength. Easily the strongest our OL has been in my 20 years of fandom. GTFO of here with your complaints. We finally have a legit OL. People *****ing about us not drafting for the OL before day 3, here you go.
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