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  1. Lindstrom handled him significantly better though. Carpenter might as well have not even been there, lol.
  2. Not happening. We need both these guys.
  3. I love that they do things like this. Well deserved and that little man is going to have a blast.
  4. He’s versatile for sure. And has familiarity with new coach Bob Sutton.
  5. Absolutely. Why would Kazee be our 3rd safety when he could be on the field 80% of the time at the nickel. It’s a perfect spot for him.
  6. Freeman can’t handle being the only RB getting significant touches. Last time he was that guy he broke down at the end of the season and ran out of gas. We need the RBBC here in Atlanta and anyone who thinks Freeman can handle the load for 16+ games is delusional.
  7. Ah ok, I skimmed page 2 and didn’t see it mentioned so went ahead and posted about it. The guy who’s tweet Sanu liked also said Sanu isn’t going anywhere.
  8. And we’re all still talking about it.......
  9. You all are trrriipppinnn’!! Some dude tweeted that the quote was from a Wiz Khalifa song and Sanu liked the tweet.
  10. Mike Vick did the same thing. Said he wouldn’t cut his hair till we won it all..... which is why dude ended up with some loooong corn rows.
  11. He wasnt at 100% most of last year because he had a giant bunion on his foot, did you not read my post? lol
  12. Julio finally got that bunion chopped off his foot this offseason. Evidently it was extremely gnarly and he played with it all year last year. I think we might have ourselves a Julio at 100% this season. Something we haven’t had for quite awhile.
  13. Go away. Your comments consistently add nothing.
  14. Vick’s jersey from the game of his OT touchdown run against the Vikings.
  15. Julio is next. I’m guessing we’ll take care of Keanu next offseason.
  16. So it said we have him through the 2023 season, that would mean it’s a 4 year extension + the last year of his rookie deal. So 5 more seasons of Debo. So happy right now.
  17. Hey those egg rolls looked delicious and Julio was munching on them like they were too.
  18. Julio recently posted a vid on his Instagram about an hour ago of himself and Debo on Blank’s private jet eating egg rolls..... new deals incoming???
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