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  1. Alright whatever, I’ll let you know when my check for $125 comes in.
  2. I mean Rocky is gone so I don’t really give a sh*t about him. But name a couple scrub WRs who have torched Trufant. Go ahead, I’ll wait.
  3. Yeah so by that logic just imagine if they spent practice going against scrub WRs.
  4. I thought he looked good on that slant he ran immediately after the tweak to test it out. Made that UDFA corner from last year look like a fool. And they said he doesn’t appear to be favoring it at all today when he walked out. Hoping they’re just choosing to let the other WRs get their reps. Good time to be a WR with our top two guys sitting, see what we got.
  5. James Carpenter was the assumed LG, but Jamon Brown has looked better in camp from what I’ve seen. Either way our depth on the interior is strong. Which feels weird to say with this team.... but it’s true. Also that boy Gono has been impressing coaches this offseason and camp. Really pulling for him to stick around for awhile.
  6. Man, Ish has always been one of my favorite Falcons on the team. He just does his work and has never let us down.
  7. Nah, I’m ignoring all that ****. They said $125, so that’s what I’m getting.
  8. I’ll believe that when I see it in a game. And I’m not talking about those ballerina moves we’ve seen in the past.
  9. Going against Grady day in and day out is going to help him a lot.
  10. This is what, his second NFL practice with pads on? And he’s going against one of the greatest in the game. He’ll be good, maybe some growing pains, but I ain’t too worried.
  11. Y’all can 9 times out of 10 rock a bald shaved head with a nice beard and look better than most dudes with a full head of hair though. No homo.
  12. On a serious tip, pretty sure Debo is actually rocking the bald head look now a la Urlacher. Couldn’t hang on to that hairline no more. It was just gone. ‘‘Tis a good look though.
  13. **** yes!!! Matt was so excellent in that no huddle offense back in the day. We need to bring that **** back with a vengeance this season. Let’s go, Dirk!!
  14. If he’s smart he’s waiting. Then use Julio’s deal as a baseline. Whatever screws over the Saints and their cap is good with me!
  15. Was it the 27th? Thought I saw that his deal was expected to be announced tomorrow? yeah all the links I’m finding say it can’t be announced until tomorrow: https://clutchpoints.com/falcons-rumors-atlanta-julio-jones-may-already-have-a-new-deal-in-place/
  16. Do you not pay attention? It was reported that Julio can’t sign his new deal until a year has passed since his last contract adjustment, which would be tomorrow.
  17. Lmao, we aren’t cutting Debo. Dude will retire a Falcon. Get outta here.
  18. It’s a 4 year extension added on to the final year of his rookie deal, meaning we have him for 5 more seasons. How is it essentially a 3 year deal?
  19. I feel like last season it was the opposite though. He babies guys and they barely played in preseason. Then we lost guys in the first game or two.
  20. **** yeah! I was stoked when we took him last year. Let’s see what he can do this season.
  21. Well, looks like Kazee is settling into that nickel spot nicely. Seems real comfortable.
  22. Calvin’s problem last year was he practiced at 110% so when game days rolled around he was a little drained. He said this himself. Though he looked great on the slant he ran to test it out. I’d say sit him the rest of the week. We don’t need him hobbled with a hamstring issue, those tend to linger.
  23. Testing it out. Looks like he’s still going close to 100% though.
  24. Looks like Calvin might’ve tweaked his right hamstring a little bit.......
  25. As long as he stays in the box.... but I’d prefer to keep him at LB. Dude is a sound tackler.
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