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  1. Bro, the look in his eyes when he said that was straight up frightening. He’s gonna be a mauler once he gets going in this league.
  2. Saw this on Reddit. Was pointed out that the last one ending with the non-call PI only furthers the narrative of the Saints losing the game on that play. Which we all know wasnt the case. The clip should really be of Drew’s INT in OT.
  3. Good point. Josh Harris and him have a ton of chemistry over the years too.
  4. Gotd*mm it, Keanu! Could you not go half speed for once in your life???
  5. Seems like a bright and very respectful kid. He said in another video that he lives just down the road from Flowery Branch. I wish he could come to practice every day.
  6. Exactly. Italian Ice has some big tackling shoes to fill now though to go along with his clutch FG kicking ones.
  7. Those numbers look good to me. And we can dump Ty if McGary takes over.
  8. You also can’t win when your QB is constantly being lit up with subpar protection. We can cut Ty next year if need be. And I’m fine having 3 starting level guards on the roster.
  9. This. Absolutely this. As much as I dog on the kid, he really is a great human being.
  10. Got my DVR set! I don’t want to see any starters play though....
  11. Didn’t wear my throwback Trufant jersey at all last year.... considered trying to find a new nameplate to stitch onto it to make it a Deion Sanders jersey......
  12. I wouldn’t say that. Would you rather us have no depth along the OL for another season? F*ck that. One guy goes down and it details the season.
  13. Hoping McGary beats Ty for the Week 1 spot at RT. Having these two rookies man the right side of our line and for the next decade to come just sounds so glorious.
  14. Man, that’s why I wasn’t entirely down on the season when we lost Debo & Neal last year. I was thinking we still had the dad of the defense around in Rico.... then he went down it was all over from there.
  15. Hardy has some legit competition this season, if he wants his spot he better show out. I might lean more towards keeping one of these younger guys with a potentially higher ceiling. I think we’ve seen all from Hardy we’re ever going to get. Not saying that he isn’t worth a 4th WR spot, but still.
  16. Most of these guys won’t actually be playing will they?
  17. Two injuries that can linger for weeks and even months. Yeah let’s just hold them both out as long as it takes.
  18. Soaking up that cap space....
  19. From the title I thought Duke Riley got hurt and was glad it wasn’t about him. Then low and behold today Duke isn’t practicing. What the h*ll.
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