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  1. On 1/25/2021 at 3:30 PM, DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins said:

    They had never worked together and didn't know each other. When we interviewed Fontenot, we told him we really liked Arthur's interview, so Fontenot reached out to Arthur.

    Based on all that, I think Fontenot realized, if he wanted the GM position, he had to give the thumbs up to Arthur Smith.

    In other words, it is not really ideal. McKay picked Fontenot and Arthur, and that means they both have to cave in to McKay's opinions. So we really have 1 and a half head coaches, and 1 and a half GMs.

    It's a dysfunctional set up. It leads to schizophrenia. Imagine, for example, Arthur Smith makes 90% of offseason moves according to his plan, and then, towards the end, McKay dictates something completely inconsistent with the earlier moves (something as fubar'd as hiring Dirk Koetter as OC).

    It might work out ok, but it is not ideal.

    Lol this is just nonsense and not the case at all. 

  2. His response shows why we should at least consider a potential top 4 pick franchise QB in this draft. After the wildness of 2020, letting this kid sit a year behind Matt Ryan would be invaluable for the new QB’s development. 

    I’d trust Matt to do everything anyone could do in his situation to get the new guy ready for the league. That being said, I wouldn’t be disappointed if the team goes in another direction and we don’t go QB at 4. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, itsryanwonder said:

    My question is, what has joe brady ever done? He stunk with his time with the panthers.  Even Sark looked good in college when he is on the number one team in the nation.

    Not fair to say he “stunk” with the Panthers when he had to adjust to not having his top player. Still made Teddy seem like a competent QB and had three WRs top 1,000 yards. Also he’s young and it gives us an opportunity to have continuity on offense for a long time. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Foo Falcors said:

    If the Bengals win this week their record becomes 4-10-1 which is better than 4-11 which would be our record should we lose. If Carolina wins they go to 5-10 and slide down behind us as well. Its that simple. SOS may end up causing us to side behind Houston should they lose out as well, I'm not sure. But #3 is in fact possible

    Houston’s SOS is currently higher than ours, meaning we would most likely stay ahead of them if we both lose out. 

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