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  1. 19 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

    you don't understand what I was saying then.   It's not a slight on Kelce.    It's a measurement of what a star QB is versus what a star QB is.   think of it if it it helps you as "Mahomes vs Kelce".   Two different levels even though Kelce is the best TE in the league.

    You said Kelce isn’t a top name in the NFL, that’s simply not true. What’s your argument here? That QBs are bigger names than TEs? I pray to god that Terry Fontenot doesn’t draft solely on that line of logic. 

  2. Just now, SavedByGrace1221 said:

    He's not that kind of tight end. He's a glorified wide receiver, is not a blocker. He's not a complete tight end. He may be all world at catching the ball. But he's not ever going to be a kittle or Kelsey. That's not what he and that's why I don't think it's a good idea to pickand that's why I don't think it's a good idea to draft a one  trick pony in the top five

    Wow you are vastly misinformed. Thankfully you’re not in charge of the decision making. 

  3. Talk about reaching for needs. Fontenot has said 100 times that that’s not his MO for the draft. If we traded back and Pitts was taken before we were up, I’d be good with it. 

  4. 54 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

    very good chance that this comment won't age well if Fields and/or Lance are available.

    While Pitts should be a stud,   either of these QBs could develop into one of the marquee stars of the NFL.   As great as Travis Kelce is, he's not that.


    what??? Kelce is absolutely one of the top names in the NFL. What a stretch of a statement lmao. He’s easily one of the most consistent players in the league and nearly led the NFL in receiving yards last season. 

  5. The “TOO HIGH TO DRAFT A TE!!!” Argument is a dumb one, imo. People will say “Kelce & Kittle were drafted outside of the 1st round!” But this is pure hindsight without going the next step and admit that if you did a redraft those guys would absolutely be drafted at the top of the 1st round. 

    Terry Fontenot has been preaching BPA since he first got here. Pitts is in the discussion of being the BPA in this entire draft. 

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