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  1. Tbf Takk was playing like an absolute beast in that first game. He looked unblockable. It’s a shame he’s had so many injuries and played hurt his whole career.
  2. Takk for a 5th to a desperate team looking for pass rush. 5th is probably even unrealistic though tbh
  3. It’s cool that Foye is being counted on as a leader already. Dude has a nose for the football and a presence about him that is like an old school LB.
  4. No way. Those two are just like DQ. Coordinators in the shadows of a great HC and a cupboard absolutely over stocked with talent. Mike McDaniel is the offensive genius we need. Shanahan refused to let other teams interview McDaniel over the offseason. The NFL actually is implementing a new rule starting next offseason that HCs can no longer deny interviews because of this.
  5. Bienemy is another DQ imo. Working in the shadow of a great HC with the fully stocked cupboard that the HC built. No thanks. But we need an offensive minded coach who can call his own plays. Because it means we’ll have continuity on offense, which we haven’t had the entirety of Ryan’s career.
  6. Pretty disappointed in AJ if he put himself in a situation where he was exposed. 2,000+ players have been able to stay healthy up to now. Not to mention the coaches and staffs in the league. It’s pretty much inexcusable, and we really need him out there.
  7. Maybe AJ Terrell will give you a Pick 6 tomorrow for your bday.
  8. Omg Takk is playing like El Diablo out there. My goodness.
  9. This is low key the biggest news from that list.
  10. **** we need Sheffield out there.
  11. Guessing the pant color will vary as well.
  12. If we hit on Hennessy, Lindstrom, and McGary were gonna have a **** solid OL for the next 4+ years
  13. I’d take him or Wake. I’ve always liked Suggs though.
  14. This is the same guy who on draft night answered the question “What are you going to do with the money from your new contract?” With two words. “Earn it.”
  15. I really want a white Deion Jones one but I don’t want to have to customize it and pay extra.
  16. I never truly realized how much I hated the circus sleeves until we got the new uniforms.
  17. The font has grown on me. I do really like the solid stripe down the side.
  18. I’m rooting for Gono to take over at LG. Hennessy at C next year
  19. Patriots ran 101 offensive plays. Were called for offensive holding zero times. That’s literally impossible. One of the obvious no calls was from their own end zone. Should’ve been a safety. Wasn’t.
  20. Keanu Neal or maybe Marlon Davidson
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