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  1. Yeah, let’s bring in a deep threat WR so we can all watch Matt Ryan put his heart and soul into a pass for it to go less than 30 yards down the field for an incompletion.
  2. By the time we get all the dead money off the books and we’re equipped to really compete: Ryan will be completely at the end of his career, assuming he’s even on the team after 2 more seasons. Ridley is going to need a gigantic contract, pretty Grady will be due by then as well.
  3. He wasn’t in on any of those redzone plays, let alone the 3rd & goal play.
  4. So glad we’re only wearing the gradients once.
  5. We’re still paying Trufant, Carpenter, & Brown, lmao. Is this the final year for those guys?
  6. I’m pretty numb to the super bowl by now. There’s 0 coaches still around from that team and barely a handful of players.
  7. Yeah they really dove into the Madden stuff. Was hoping for more of a dove into some of the absolutely wild highlight plays he pulled off while he was with us.
  8. Surprised it didn’t show off more of his ridiculous highlight moments. Like the late TD against the Panthers where he levitated into the endzone. That was an epic moment. I remember another time when he waved his hand over the pylon while the rest of his body went out of bounds. Play was reviewed and they confirmed the TD. Stuff like that would’ve been nice, but I still am loving this series.
  9. The guy stinks, I’m guessing he’s off the team next week and we swap for someone who was cut.
  10. Yeah, definitely not a TD in a game situation. Always cracks me up when practice “TD” plays like these get posted as if they would’ve scored when guys are actually tackling.
  11. I’ve really liked the way TF & AS have bantered with him so far.
  12. Another member of the December 31, 1969 Join Date crew.
  13. So Pitts, Grant, & Hall remain.
  14. Hawks are already built for long term success. If they had Hunter & Reddish both 100% healthy for this series against Philly I think we could definitely beat them 4 times. The Hawks have a solid young core and they’re going to be a playoff team for a long time.
  15. Ideal outcome would be Gage steps up nicely and Frank Darby carves out a consistent role. Gage was no slouch last year and I think he’ll only get better.
  16. This kid is somehow only 20 years old.... He’s at this level and can’t even legally drink. He’s going to take over the league, I think TEU needed Pitts more than he needed them. The future of the position no doubt.
  17. There’s a chance Julio balls out this year under AS and we could still get a good return on a trade next offseason.
  18. I didn’t like the pick at all due to his shoulder injury, and was pissed we didn’t take TJ Watt. He definitely showed potential at times. As others have said, if he would’ve had a better attitude and better injury luck, he could’ve been special. That doesn’t mean much in professional sports though.
  19. There’s some legit defenders still hanging around right now going into round 4. Hopefully we can snag two of them with these next two picks.
  20. We have 5 picks in rounds 4 & 5. I think defense is going to get a big influx of talent with these picks. Also a RB is a given at one of those spots. We’re sitting pretty right now.
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