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  1. Well I mean there’s plenty of examples in that game.
  2. They’ve said this before about injuries and then guys end up on IR. This doesn’t mean much to me.
  3. Clabo & Dahl played together and were mean guys. Blalock was pretty stoic.
  4. It’s filled in a bit. It’s most empty on the Rams side really.
  5. Grady just walked off holding his ribs
  6. Pretty empty here today....
  7. I have Ryan & Julio. This defense does wonders for their FF numbers.
  8. I just feel bad for the guy.....
  9. Well they know it’s going to be a battle.
  10. Hard for him to do that when our defense is trash and the offensive line fails to keep him off his back.
  11. Good thing our HC is a defensive master mind.
  12. Kyler Murray is going to look like a true 1st overall pick against this sorry defense.
  13. What 5 players is that dude talking about that “not everyone likes as much as they do” ??? Ryan, Julio, Deion, Grady....?? Those 4 are all top 5 at their positions.
  14. I don’t really care who it is, I just want an offensive guy that calls his own plays and I’ll be happy.
  15. We brought in a punter today.
  16. I am sick of defensive minded head coaches. Please for the love of God get us an offensive guru as our next head coach. We need a guy that calls his own plays on offense. Having consistency at offensive play caller is something this team hasn’t had for the entirety of the last, what? 20 years?
  17. I’d take him in. See what he’s got. Not like we can get any worse.
  18. Coming down for a Falcons game soon, and instead of spending my money I budgeted on new Falcons gear, I’m gonna get some Hawks stuff. Is there a good spot for that in walking distance of downtown? My hotel is ~10 minute walk from the Benz for reference.
  19. Sad? More like realistic. I’m not getting my hopes up at all until Quinn is gone
  20. Mike Smith on the sideline before and after his heart scare were vastly different people. Regardless of his win/loss record it was pretty obvious to see. Before that happened he was a fiery tiger of a man who would argue with refs and take a bullet for his guys. After it happened he was a quiet mouse staring at his little notebook for the entire game.
  21. lol, keep that twinkle in your eye, bud. It’s been long gone for the rest of us....
  22. Except the Hawks might actually just sneak into the post season.
  23. I’d give Interim to Raheem Morris. Have Jeff Ulbrich call the defense.
  24. Only reason Quinn was up for a head coaching position was because he was coaching a Seattle defense that was loaded with talented guys all playing in their prime.
  25. Hey we still got Atlanta United’s playoff run and them young Hawks! Hawks got a better shot at sneaking into the playoffs than the Falcons do...