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  1. Terrell & Davidson will be starters Day 1. Hennessy was strong value in the 3rd round who could potentially win the LG spot this year and eventually take over for Mack at C. Hennessy, Lindstrom and McGary will hopefully solidify our OL for the foreseeable future. 

    Walker I admittedly never heard of so I can’t say much there, but we desperately needed a LB so he fills a need. Hawkins seems like a solid player who can fit right into what our defense is supposed to be. 

    If the punter we drafted ends up sticking around for awhile, that’s about all you can hope for when you draft a punter in the 7th. 

    Overall I think we filled some major needs. I would’ve loved to see our draft haul if the 9ers didn’t ruin everything when they took Kinlaw over Jeudy/Lamb. F*cking idiots haven’t had a true #1 WR since T.O. then two of the best in awhile fall into their lap but they pass on them both. F*ck the 9ers. 

  2. 15 minutes ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

    Lol at some these negative reactions. Y’all were going to hate it no matter what they looked like. The reaction was the exact same in 2003 when the new logo and unis came out 

    Some people just hate change 

    That’s awfully dismissive. It’s hard to say fully one way or another at this time before the full reveal. 

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