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  1. That’s so wild. I’m speechless
  2. Julio is next. I’m guessing we’ll take care of Keanu next offseason.
  3. So it said we have him through the 2023 season, that would mean it’s a 4 year extension + the last year of his rookie deal. So 5 more seasons of Debo. So happy right now.
  4. Hey those egg rolls looked delicious and Julio was munching on them like they were too.
  5. Julio recently posted a vid on his Instagram about an hour ago of himself and Debo on Blank’s private jet eating egg rolls..... new deals incoming???
  6. Let’s hope these “face to face” negotiations today brings our boy a fat new contract with plenty of years added on.
  7. Let’s hope. If we managed to get deals done for Grady AND Debo in one week that would be so awesome. Julio’s deal has to be around the corner as well.
  8. Don’t feed the troll. That guy is an idiot.
  9. Yeah we haven’t really lost anyone close to the level they did with Joe Horn coming here. Lofton was good, but like others have already said, he wasn’t as good as he thought he was.
  10. Where did I say long term deal? In my post you quoted I said another year or two. Nowhere did I say to give the guy a 3 or 4 year deal, lol.
  11. If he wants to play another year or two after his deal runs out why wouldn’t we sign him to a reasonable deal? Do you not know how important he’s been to the OL and team in general?
  12. The Cap is increasing ~$10 million a season these next two years. I think we’ll be fine.
  13. A chunk would go to Julio’s final contract so he retires a Falcon. Then we got plenty of guys who need deals soon. Keanu, De’Vondre, Hoop, maybe Mack?
  14. Excellent news. I don’t even care if we break the bank, Debo needs a new 5 year deal ASAP. Pay that man his money.
  15. You’re ignoring that NFL contract numbers age incredibly fast. So bringing up a contract that’s 4 years old and comparing it to one signed this offseason makes no sense.
  16. DQ would be great but that’s too obvious. Matt Ryan would be a lot of fun I think. Takk could come as the wildcard.
  17. Doors open 2 hours before the game. I’d recommend getting there at that time since it’s your first game at the Benz. You’re gonna want to look around inside, it’s pretty wild. If you have club level seats you get access to the field level stuff.
  18. Maybe if we would’ve drafted him, he wouldn’t have had his accident. Butterfly effect. But **** the video was nuts. That cop probably could’ve handled it better. I would’ve just called for back up and let him sit there until they arrived. Told him the supervisor was on their way. Dude was like 4x the size of the cop, should’ve known the taser wasn’t going to do ****. Also it’s funny how people in this situation always latch onto a certain phrase that they just repeat the entire time. He said “I need the supervisor” like 140 times throughout the video.
  19. That’s who Gage is supposed to be. Also I think Hardy could maybe be that this year. Also Ish has been a standout on special teams for awhile. And Duke might be relegated to ST work too.
  20. LeBron James
  21. These my guys right here.
  22. I’m hoping we got two 10 year starters in the 1st round this year.
  23. From the gameplay I’ve seen, zone defense still has a long way to go.
  24. Yeah they confirmed the X factors can be toggled off. I think I’ll keep them on at first though. As long as they’re not overly obnoxious icons on the field. Madden needs to stop the arcade style **** and stick to simulation. Wish the NFL wasn’t so **** obsessed with having one “official” EVERYTHING of the NFL. Official Soda of the NFL. Official Pizza of the NFL. Official Beer of the NFL. Official ******* pick up truck of the NFL. Let 2K or the Sony guys that do MLB The Show take a crack at an NFL licensed game. But I don’t see it ever happening unfortunately...
  25. That’s some ********.