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  1. Jake has looked good this year. If it’s a top pick I think we’ll be alright with going in that direction.
  2. Whoever we get in the first round this year, be it White, Davis, Oliver, etc. needs to come in and make a Deion Jones level impact as a rookie.
  3. Not playing Senat was so ******* stupid. WTF Quinn...... he’s a rookie who needs reps who has shown a **** of a lot more than Shelby or Reed have this year. And those guys are your “pass rushers”
  4. Will be attending the game this weekend and was psyched to check out the new tailgating area. Weather said it could be a rainy day, so I’m wondering what it’s like out there when the weather is crumby? Feel free to post impressions with the new backyard in general as well. Really curious what it’s like there.
  5. Nice. What about activities? Is it mostly oriented to the kids? Are there contests and stuff to win cool stuff? Minnesota does that before their games, giving out autographed stuff and what not. Curious cause we’re planning on being there the moment it all starts.
  6. Going to make watching the game live a lot more fun. Here’s hoping Debo makes his debut back from injury as well.
  7. Oliver has barely played at all. Only been targeted 18 times total, and some of you are ready to give up on him. GTFO
  8. Matthews has been the lone bright spot on the line. And that’s not saying much.
  9. Cut that dude. DO NOT give him a new contract. ****, trade him if someone’s dumb enough to offer picks. Dude is a waste at this point. Let’s just move on.
  10. Cut Beasley, Schrader & Reed. Use some of that money on 2 long term guys who will be instant-starters on the offensive line.
  11. Sucking this bad would be at least enjoyable if we still had Keanu out there.....
  12. The big TDs are more the fault of our weak LBs, SS, and CBs than it is Kazee.
  13. What the ****?? Are you kidding me? But McClain’s bumass is playing? Wow......
  14. The browns are a better team than they’ve been the last couple years. Baker is going to be a star in this league.
  15. I’ve watched every game since their first super bowl season. Including some absolute duds of seasons like the year Vick was in jail. Not going to stop anytime soon. Some of you mother****ers are so fickle.
  16. “It’s not about them and what they do, it’s about us and what we do.”
  17. The caption is hilarious, but it’s obvious one of those guys has the RB and the other is spying the QB. Not a good look and a dumb play call either way.
  18. Love me some Baker. Dude is gonna be a star.
  19. I hope not. Rather save his debut for @NO
  20. Trufant was NOT trying on that Chubb run. Don’t try and stick up for that level of play.
  21. They’ve been really bad this year.
  22. Man, Foye's numbers are crazy.
  23. Then maybe you should try out for the NFL. 26 bench reps is good for a rookie guard. You make no sense.
  24. Yeah he wanted to come play for us all along and was pumped we wanted him too. I think he has a shot next year if he hangs around.