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  1. And that’s a real problem.
  2. Yeah McKlevin’s dumb*** used the term front-runner wrong and the author of the article just went with it.
  3. Doesn’t the Cardinals offense suck royaly though?
  4. Also to be fair that would mean the Falcons have had way longer to win a championship. But haven’t.
  5. Says the guy who trashed Atlanta United’s name as a “copy cat name that has nothing to do with Atlanta” and proceeds to trash the sport of soccer as well. When, ironically, American “football’s” sport name is a copy cat name that has nothing to do with the sport in comparison to real football.
  6. Exactly. People all over the world who watch soccer tuned into the mls cup last weekend, something they previously never intended on doing. But because the passionate Atlanta United fans filled the stadium and the players played a quality match, Atlanta United has new fans around the world. People who would trash MLS and instead watch the premier league teams with the elite talent now respect what the USA is doing over here. It’s actually pretty incredible for not just the team and the city, but the sport as a whole. Atlanta United has changed the league for the better in their extremely short history. But nah, f*ck soccer it’s basically just kick ball and takes no skill. And American football fans are waaaay better. They just seem to get lost on their way to the stadium. That’s why it’s not full for Falcons games like it is for Atlanta United matches.
  7. I don’t get it either. Soccer (football) is far and away the most popular sport on the planet whether the dude wants to admit it or not. And Atlanta United’s players and fans just put American soccer on the map this weekend. But yeah, it’s cool to trash the team that plays in the same stadium as us but can actually fill it with dedicated fans AND actually finish in the championship to bring some success to the city.
  8. Atlanta United was literally built from scratch and won the MLS Cup in their second season. The team broke all MLS attendance records this year and has the MVP of the league on the team. Falcons cant get half the stadium full on game day, meanwhile United sells out the stadium and put American soccer on the map this weekend with the showing the fans and team had. But yeah, go ahead and “never get into soccer” because our falcons are so fun to watch.
  9. Hooper’s break on his route was lazy, honestly. Like he didn’t expect to be the hot read on the play.
  10. That was Hooper’s fault.
  11. Hey, whatever. Atlanta United won last night.
  12. Bench Alford. Give Oliver these valuable snaps on the outside. Come on Quinn.
  13. I’d be happy with Jonah in the 1st if the top elite DT prospects are all gone, which could be the case. My #1 want in the first round is Devin White though. Pairing him with Debo & Neal would be intimidating as ****.
  14. Yeah I was at that game and the photo is long before the game had even started. And that was last year when people were too busy checking out the new stadium to sit down and watch the team come out. Your point is a legit one but that pic is obviously misleading based on the fact that the game hasn’t even started yet and the stadium was brand new.
  15. I mean obviously an SEC Championship game is going to have a full stadium compared to a regular season game. But Atlanta United fans bring it for sure.
  16. Yeah they played like ****. Though the Ravens D is certified elite.
  17. If you say injuries don’t matter you’re dumb. We lost our best two players on defense and the one guy capable of holding the squad together in Allen.
  18. Wow

    If we had Keanu, Allen, and Debo all year we’d be in the playoff race. Simple as that.
  19. Not being able to read the field longer than 3 seconds max is definitely a big factor. But he consistently misses wide open guys deep.
  20. Man, Foye's numbers are crazy.
  21. Then maybe you should try out for the NFL. 26 bench reps is good for a rookie guard. You make no sense.
  22. Yeah he wanted to come play for us all along and was pumped we wanted him too. I think he has a shot next year if he hangs around.
  23. Neal was my favorite player in the entire draft that year. I knew for a fact he wouldn't last past the 1st round. I was thrilled when we drafted him. This year I want Payne, but there's no way he lasts that long. So I wouldn't at all mind going Ridley/Gesicki in the 1st. We can land our starting DT in the 2nd, just like we did with our starting MLB in '16.