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  1. Pretty sure from left to right it’s: Calvin Ridley, Marvin Hall, Eric Saubert, Reggie Davis, Russell Gage (?), Matt, Julio, Sanu, Hardy, equipment dude, and Hoop.
  2. Rocky really had a **** good year two years going now. Having him lock down the slot with Tru and Oliver on the outside is going to be vicious.
  3. Just shows how DQ has transformed this team. If Oliver, Senat, and Foyesade all turn into solid players we are absolutely stacked on that side of the ball.
  4. I do hear ya, one of those plays we forced at the end to Julio was a slightly off target pass by Matt. Dude was perfect in the post season last year. Historically great really. You could argue that was due to the gameplan, but Matt still executed it flawlessly each week.
  5. This team forced him the ball to win the game against the Eagles and he didn’t get it done. He even slipped and fell on the last offensive play of our season.... If he’s worth the money he wants he should’ve made a play with the season on the line. And the fact that he wasn’t able to make a play should’ve motivated him to put in the work necessary to get better WITH HIS TEAM this offseason. But the dude has instead been entirely absent. Julio has shed his reputation as a rare non-diva WR altogether and become selfish at a time we needed his leadership the most. The offseason the team nee
  6. Execution from the players was a weakness at times last year. Even if Sark turns it around calling plays, execution could still be a weakness this year.
  7. lol what?? Keanu is already a top 5 SS in the league right now.
  8. Dude is a HOFer so that counts for something. If it makes you feel any better I met Drew Brees awhile back, shook his hand. He called me "Buddy" .......
  9. I’d really consider that trade for Cobb, a 1st and 2nd. If they gave their two 1sts and Cobb I’d probably say take it.
  10. Dude it’s late June. The dead zone of the year for news. Get used to it until this Julio situation is resolved. And beyond all that, this is an actual relevant thread that I believe is worth posting. I knew Poole had a camp because Trufant was there. I did not know Julio made an appearance and I think that’s a great sign that he did.
  11. Julio not showing up to Ryan’s special players only work out is a giant F YOU to his team mates. If he’s not there he’s officially on my **** list, and I’m sure his team mates might start to really take notice.
  12. Last year against the Saints in Atlanta I witnessed the most epic game of our 2017 season and got snowed in, forced to stay an extra night. You’ll have a blast.
  13. If Julio would’ve caught one of the 3 passes that were forced his way in the last game of our season I’d say he had more of a case. If he didn’t slip and fall down on the very last play of the season... if he scores more than 3 TDs a year. He’s had the reputation as being the perfect team guy his whole career, that is all officially out the window at this point. He’s working with random college guys when he could be mentoring Ridley. Sanu deserves to be kept and not cut early because he’s the mentor the rookie has/needs right now. Best thing for Atlanta to do is to just add incentiv
  14. Also keep in mind names like Grady Jarrett, Deion Jones, De’Vondre Campbell, Vic Beasley, and Keanu Neal. Essentially our entire nucleus on defense with new deals on the horizon....
  15. If he would’ve made a catch one of the 3 times we forced it to him in Philly to end the game I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with this. Dude ******* fell down on the last play of the season. He should be working with the team to get better. This is pretty wack ****, I get that he’s only the 8th highest paid WR, but the nature of the league nowadays is every new deal is a record breaker.
  16. Hopefully he gets a nice payday next offseason. It’ll be from a different team though, I could see us go FS in the 1st or 2nd round next year.
  17. You must’ve missed out on the Allen Rossum days then. Dude tore up the league for a bit.
  18. Lol this dude is saying Julio’s career was pointless because he didn’t score enough TDs. TDs are not the end all be all for HoF careers. Get outta here with that ****. Julio will absolutely always be remembered as a generational talent that defines the position. His low TDs are irrelevant amongst his whole body of work.
  19. Really rooting for Benkert to make the team. Don’t think Schaub is going anywhere this year, but he could be a good teacher for Benkert this year.
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