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  1. He has a swollen painful sprained ankle and won't be practicing at all this week.... we all saw the injury and he came back and played in the game. I'm not sure I have him practice at all these next two weeks. Sprained ankles can be swollen for a month. This is really our only injury going into the biggest game of the year and Mack is one of the guys we can't be without.
  2. Trufant is one of the most consistent players at his position in the league. He's still invaluable to our team even when he's injured. Rico has already said numerous times Trufant is constantly in the DB's ears during games coaching them up on what he sees. You don't guys like Trufant go, he's the definition of a Quinn guy.
  3. If we could somehow have Tru/Jalen/Alford/Poole all out on the field together it could be pretty **** solid.
  4. Jalen has ******* arrived and I'm absolutely loving it. One of my friends is a Bucs fan so we constantly talk football (and a lot of smack) throughout the season. Day 2 of the draft comes and he texts me when Atlanta is about to be on the clock who I think it'll be. I said it has to be Jalen Collins here.... Huge fan of this guy, glad to see him putting it together.
  5. Send DeadPoole on a couple more nickel blitz and see how rattled Golden Boy gets....
  6. Someone else asked how many good defenses we actually played against this year.......
  7. Sanu finally played well for once?? GTFO. Sanu has been clutch for the most part this year. He's had a few drops but most of that was early this year. He's been on fire lately.
  8. I'm pretty sure that pic was of Scho actually. Could be wrong.
  9. The fact that Dan Quinn always has his team playing better in the 2nd halves of games and the 2nd time we see teams is reassuring as well. We actually make adjustments now at halftime. We get better after halftime now, not worse like during the SmittyBall era.
  10. Atlanta's "horrible" defense allowed 8 points the entire 2nd half of the last game we had against the Packers. Quinn will have this defense ready and I think we'll surprise people on that side of the ball. ALSO Godgers took over after Atlanta went up by 1 with 2 time outs and 30 seconds on the clock. The result wasn't any MJ like finish for Aaron, it was a horrible pass attempt/incompletion on 4th down with 14 seconds left. This defense has already put a stop to the "epic" packers offense when the game was on the line once. I don't see it coming down to that again this week, but even if it doe
  11. I have no photoshopping skills but this is a pretty **** perfect picture for that idea. I'd recommend the players in order of left to right be: Brooks Reed, Keanu, Beas, Freeney, Jalen, and Deion Jones.
  12. Oh he's definitely playing. Even as a decoy he'll be effective and make a few big plays himself. He made a good point saying it doesn't really help the team for sunday for him to practice in full today
  13. Deion Jones is easily the DROTY. But of course he won't win.... Lame
  14. I remember laughing my *** off at one of Sanu's mic'd up where Mack was complaining that his neck was sore and Sanu was instantly like "You want me to rub it? You want me to rub it?"
  15. SATURDAY?!?! This dude isn't practicing till Saturday.... Their team has played 16 straight games and is beat the heck up. We need to dominate them. Show the league some half *** team with one guy trying to carry it all on his back is not anywhere near enough to give our defense trouble. Fcking crush them.
  16. If Burnett is out we're putting up 40+ for sure.
  17. Idk how accurate that injury report is. Check out ours from this week.... I'll just wait till the packers themselves put out a report.
  18. Yeah he had pectoral surgery, that's at least 5 months.
  19. Any news on who GB held out today? I know Wednesdays are the first day where a full injury report is required.
  20. Another week of us not having anyone held out for gameday. Just guys resting a bit, I'm sure the 3 who were limited will get a full day or two in. I'm curious about the injury report for GB and who they held out today. I know they got a few guys who could miss this week besides Jordy.
  21. I think no matter who takes over at OC, one thing for sure is that Matt Ryan will have more freedom to call plays at the line like he used to. Shanahan is more of a chess player in the way he calls a game. He's calling certain plays in the first half to set up stuff to do in the 4th quarter. I think there will be a bit less of that and more of Matt going to the line and calling plays based on the look he has for that play.
  22. That catch he had isn't getting enough attention. I don't understand how he held onto that ball.
  23. Just because the 9ers are "honing in on" Shanahan doesn't mean he's going to take the job..... coaches can say no
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