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  1. Mettenberger has NFL game experience and isn't even close to reaching his potential. He was rushed into starting duties as a rookie where he was obviously a guy who needed to sit and learn a whole season or two. Let him sit behind Matt for the remainder of Matt's career. If Boykin hasn't gotten into trouble off the field Atlanta would be stupid not to at least bring him in for a visit. He'll take over the nickel role instantly at least until Jalen gets back and they see where he's at. We saw how cheap his initial contract was this offseason, if he's clean he's easily worth that price. No
  2. Do we scoop both of these guys up? I'd say go for it.
  3. Our QB depth behind Matt is awful, maybe we bring in Mett to hold the clipboard for a few years? Learning behind Matt could do wonders for him and we wouldn't need him to see the field for another 5 years, he's 24 right now so he could be a good young project. Better than anyone else we have there now.
  4. I've gone back and forth between who I hate 2nd and 3rd, but my #1 has always been the saints. I had a roommate who was a Saints fan help stoke the coals on that one as well. Respect the Panthers as of now. **** the Bucs.
  5. I was completely sold on Dan Quinn during his introductory press conference. He inherited a mess on defense and already took it from 32nd to the mid teens. He better get AT LEAST another 3-4 years before he's anywhere close to the hot seat.
  6. I'm saying there were A LOT of sacks that were avoiding by opposing QB's last season because they had their RB's or TE's open short. Neal and Jones excel at snuffing these routes out which will lead to more sacks. This is not that hard to understand at all.
  7. Some of you are really dense. The plan with the first two picks is pretty **** obvious. Picking up playmakers that can snuff out the short sack avoiding dump off passes that killed Atlanta last season. This will allow our pass rushers to close on the QB and finish the plays in ways they simply could not last season.
  8. Where did you see that? I was hoping #31 EDIT: Confirmed: http://espn.go.com/espn/now?nowId=21-0517758197059034757-4
  9. I was never impressed with Darron Lee. I'm sure he'll do just fine in NY with that mauling defensive line in front of him, but I'd still take Neal over him. Even before Oakland snatched up Joseph and shortened the list of available safeties. You people are seriously kidding yourselves if you think Keanu Neal would've slipped out of the 1st round.
  10. Lawson needs surgery and is pretty much the same player we already have in Courtney Upshaw. Jaylon Smith isn't even going to play THIS SEASON. Jack is a huge red flag with his injury and continues to slide down the draft. Ragland is a two-down player who wouldn't make as big of an impact in Atlanta at ILB as Keanu will at SS. So in short, we passed on players who continue to slip and have plenty of red flags for a player our coaching staff LOVES and has the best character and work ethic any team could ask for. Relax people.
  11. Plenty of capable pass rushers can be had in rounds 2 & 3 this year. Atlanta might even double dip their next two picks for the pass rush, or perhaps grab a guard and a pass rusher instead.
  12. Can lock down TE's for us as well, which has been an awful problem for us.
  13. Keanu Neal is a grown *** man and will set the tone on this defense for a long time. Plenty of pass rushers to be had at our 2nd round pick, and maybe 3rd too. Quinn got his guy, I'll trust them.
  14. Seems Shelby will start opposite Beas and then kick inside in the nickel (Clayborn's old role for the most part) Which should be a huge upgrade for us. Then Hageman and Babs will start at DT on base packages with plenty of rotating with Jarrett and Mbu. Maybe they'll put Hageman outside in the nickel so we could have a 3 man line of Hageman, Shelby, and Beas, unless Beas is standing up, then I think maybe Babs will be on the outside. Hard to tell really until the draft is over.
  15. Gotta go Trufant. I just bought a custom throwback Trufant jersey for this season.
  16. I just picked up a throwback Trufant jersey this year, I absolutely love it and so far it's been pretty lucky. Funny story from last week's game against the Texans: The girlfriend asked me why I got a Trufant jersey and not another Julio one. Literally as I begin to answer the question Trufant scoops and scores a TD. I was so hyped I jumped up and starting yelling "AND YOU WONDER WHY I BOUGHT THE MAN'S JERSEY"
  17. He really played well today. Pleasantly surprised. I feel as though he has some extra pressure on him this year since whenever he's in the game that means Beasley is resting.
  18. Whenever Quinn finally realizes he needs to give up his whole "make Atlanta his Seattle" **** and just has Trufant follow the other teams #1 WR is when we stop having these close games.
  19. Game wouldn't have even been close is Trufant was shadowing Odell. Is this at least something Quinn can think about this week? Trufant needs to be shadowing #1 receivers at least for a portion of the game. Big plays to Odell was the only time Atlanta was even close to losing.
  20. Come on Quinn!!! Stop trying to make Desmond your Richard Sherman and let him be the shutdown corner he is. This is getting ridiculous.
  21. Matt Ryan Paul Worrilow Eric Weems Good picks.
  22. Hawley does rightfully deserve the respect he seemingly has, IMO he adds a lot to the offensive line's mentality. I'd love to see Stone separate himself as a worthy starting guard in the league, while providing depth at the center spot if need be. Chester is pretty much locked in at one of the guard spots at this point. Crazy to think Asamoah is now a swing guard for us when he was far and away the most consistent guy along the interior O Line last year.
  23. I'll be vastly disappointed if we cut Hester or Weems. Both are HUGE contributors on special teams. WR Spots: Julio Roddy Hardy Hank Hester Weems Roll with them and maybe even 1 more, but those 6 should be safe. We need each guy for specific roles.
  24. Can you take pics of certain player models/faces? I already noticed Beasley's player model is way off. They gave him dreads and he had a generic face. Some player models/faces I'm curious about: Rashede Hageman Jalen Collins Desmond Trufant
  25. Whether Quinn calls the plays on defense or not I think it's foolish to say a head coach shouldn't call the plays on either side of the ball. It's certainly not unheard of in the league and to suggest doing so makes it harder to have a clear game plan for the entire team is just silly. Imagine the chess match of the Saints/Falcons rivalry going to new heights with two head coaches literally calling plays against each other.
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