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  1. I thoroughly enjoy any and all trash talk about the Saints. But that Falcons stuff was extremely low effort and lame.
  2. It’s way more than just the money though for Grady. He’s been making pennies (for an NFL player of his talent) up until agreeing to this deal. It’s symbolic to him because he completely earned this pay day.
  3. Nah. This man just got PAID.
  4. This dude’s writing style is so cringey I didn’t even want to finish reading the article.
  5. I remember reading that there were multiple teams in the low 20’s who were ready to draft Neal. He wouldn’t have made it out of the 1st. And if the draft was done again, Deion Jones would’ve been a top 10 pick.
  6. “Fans hated” the Neal pick? Speak for yourself. I was beyond ecstatic when we took Neal. Those idiots were really hating on the draft but 3 years later Neal is considered a legit top 5 starting SS, Deion is absolutely a top 5 MLB in the league, Campbell & Hooper are great starters for us as well.
  7. That first TD to Sanu was so great. The chemistry between those two is top notch. We can’t lose Sanu.
  8. How many SS in the league are better than a healthy Keanu Neal? 1 or 2 tops.
  9. Exactly. Sanu motioning was part of the play design so he had to move, but Julio needed to get fuxking set first. DLed really is an idiot. But we all knew that.
  10. They could pretty easily sign an extension with him to keep his cap number more than manageable, considering what he’s worth to the team.
  11. If Sanu doesn’t retire a Falcon I will be supremely disappointed in this team’s decision making.
  12. I remember a painfully obvious hold on Vic Beasley while Brady was throwing from his own endzone that should’ve resulted in a safety. Nope.
  13. In our Super Bowl the Patriots ran just over 100 offensive plays and were called for offensive holding 0 times. I rest my case.
  14. Man, I could cry right now. So happy for Roddy.
  15. I love Jeff, wouldn’t at all be surprised if he ends up a head coach one day.
  16. I had front row seats on the home side both times I got club seats at the Benz, which were great. It was the game two years ago against the Saints on Thursday night when Debo had that INT in the endzone. I still get chills just thinking about it and the way the Benz erupted, my absolute favorite Falcons memory, and I’ve been to about 10 or so games total. Then last year I saw the Baltimore game. This year I think we’re looking at club seats for the Falcons/Rams game but maybe 15 or so rows up. You’ll have great seats no matter where you’re at on the club level so no need to splurge too much. You get the same bonuses either way. Also I got some sweet game day swag after the game was over against the Saints. Got a Gatorade towel and a Gatorade bottle that were both game used.
  17. I stay at the Ritz and you can see the stadium from your room, but that’s a little bit much/extra for some people and I’m sure an airbnb would be fun. I’d recommend getting the club level seats if you can afford it so you have access to the field-level area. Fun as **** to get to go down onto the field before/during/after the game and be right behind the players. I got a picture with Jeff Ulbrich a few years back down there. When I asked for a photo he goes “I don’t know why anyone would want a picture with me, but sure”
  18. I think part of DQ’s approach to this entire offseason was his own confidence in calling plays on defense. Just look at the coaches he’s brought in on the offensive side of the ball now: Koetter, Mularkey, Greg Knapp, and not to mention guys already here like Raheem. The offensive coaching staff alone is arguably the most “accomplished” we’ve had in Atlanta for a long time. Also the focus of the draft went to making the offense more diverse overall and very talented along the line. Matt Ryan has never had this much depth and potential along his offensive line, ever. I’m definitely surprised and concerned we haven’t added much in terms of pass rush this offseason. And now that we lost Means, who I thought really had potential for a breakout season, we are extremely thin there. DQ is really betting on himself and his speciality of coaching defensive linemen and calling the plays. At least our biggest weakness on the team is our head coach’s biggest strength as a coach.
  19. Fair enough. And you’re not wrong, I just think saying our defense is “trash” is simply not true. Teams would kill to have an elite young linebacker like Deion and a young tone setter like Keanu. Their combination of youth/experience/talent is second to none. I’m willing to say that this defense with Quinn calling the plays on every single down and acting fully as DC, will be vastly improved to what we’ve seen in awhile. That’s his talent and where he truly shines as a coach. Him having the keys to this D on gamedays calling plays is what he should’ve been doing his entire time here. But these are lessons a first time head coach has to learn over time evidently.
  20. Just counting up injuries does not equal losing guys that are the face of the team. Quality over quantity.
  21. I seriously doubt many defenses in the league could overcome losing their equivalent of Deion, Keanu, and Rico in the first few games of the year. You could count the teams on one hand that could overcome losing those guys. That does not make the unit “trash” which was my entire point.
  22. It’s not ignorance on my part at all that saying this defense is trash is stupid. Because it is stupid. Having holes in the front 7 does not make the entire defense “trash” in the slightest. Saying the defense is trash is dismissive and ignorant. You can say “2 injuries away” from disaster is true with just about any team’s defense. 2018 we lost literally our face of the franchise defensive players in Deion and Keanu. Take away the top talent on any team’s defense and there’s going to be problems. Throw in Rico’s injury, and Grady/Takk missing time as well as Vic Beasley’s continued invisibility on game days and that’s that. Saying our defense is any different for losing its best players in the first games of the season compared to the rest of the league is just not true. A top 15 defensive unit is not “average” you could say that more about a top 20 defense if you want, but this offense can take a top 15 defense deep into the playoffs. I believe if we keep our super stars healthy for every game we can absolutely have a top 8 to top 5 defense this year. The positive of last season was guys like Kazee, Senat, and Foye all got extremely important game experience that will carry into this season. If we get anything out of this rookie class remotely close to what we got out of the 2016 class we will be looking really good.
  23. You are wrong. Calling this defense “trash” is just stupid honestly. The only weak point going into the season as of now is a top tier pass rusher, and more than half the league is searching for one of those type of guys. I’m giving DQ the benefit of the doubt as D coordinator this year. Talk **** on him as a head coach as much as you like, but the guy can call a defense with the best of them. It’s unfortunate he hasn’t always been the DC here, but that decision came with experience of a new head coach.