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  1. Fontenot was the Saints pro scout so it makes sense he’d have this approach. If he can evaluate vets in the league to fill empty roles on the team this is the perfect strategy.
  2. So he’s saying we’re gonna be going mostly BPA in the draft, and go with filling our needs in FA with vets? I like this plan quite a bit.
  3. Zaven Collins is the dream 2nd rounder. Probably won’t last that long though.
  4. I wouldn’t mind trading back twice and ending up with both Zaven Collins & Najee after the first night. May seem like a stretch, but teams are desperate for QBs and will make dumb trades to get one.
  5. His response shows why we should at least consider a potential top 4 pick franchise QB in this draft. After the wildness of 2020, letting this kid sit a year behind Matt Ryan would be invaluable for the new QB’s development. I’d trust Matt to do everything anyone could do in his situation to get the new guy ready for the league. That being said, I wouldn’t be disappointed if the team goes in another direction and we don’t go QB at 4.
  6. We would get a lot more than just a 2022 1st & 2nd for them to move up that far
  7. Aaron Glenn already was announced as the Lions new DC. Presumably under Dan Campbell.
  8. Hate the haul because the trade would put us in the perfect spot to get Harris.
  9. Not fair to say he “stunk” with the Panthers when he had to adjust to not having his top player. Still made Teddy seem like a competent QB and had three WRs top 1,000 yards. Also he’s young and it gives us an opportunity to have continuity on offense for a long time.
  10. Fontenot/Brady here we come. Brady works out and he could be our coach for a long long time. Imagine a decade of offensive continuity, best case scenario.
  11. I’d take Brady or Hackett over Smith. But I’m just good with an offensive guy at this point.
  12. First domino falls. **** is about to hit the fan now.
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