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  1. Need Cory Davis to do something for my fantasy team...
  2. It's so loud there when we're on offense and so quiet on defense....
  3. Pretty clear hold on that Cam scramble but whatever.
  4. Julio isn't off at all, Ryan missed him. As he's done all season with wide open potential TDs.....
  5. So ******* sick of Matt Ryan missing wide open TDs with no pressure at all.
  6. Why not play Garland at DT?
  7. That is a nice *** cake.
  8. Our two losses came down to the wire for our offense. If Sanu is playing I think we win. Our defense just isn't executing. Blame that more on the players than anything else.
  9. I honestly think if Sanu doesn't get hurt and plays the entire game against Buffalo and then Miami we'd be undefeated right now. The entire attitude of the offense is different when Sanu is out there. It's like he keeps everyone confident and focused. Only way I can describe it is its as if he's the dad of the offense. His presence keeps guys in the correct state of mind. Him being out the past two games has had our offense unraveled.
  10. I scooped up Fuller as well. Dude has 4 TDs in two games.... I'd put him at your flex spot.
  11. What's the deal with Pasztor? Figured they would want him to be active sometime.
  12. Yeah, I'm curious too. Don't think he's been active this season yet.