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  1. Really wish players would start to realize teams can't pay everyone on the squad these big money deals. Playing for a little less money so the team can get other guys is really the way to go.
  2. Grady and Beasley are both already guys that require consistent double teams. If Poe steps in like we believe he will, he's also a guy that (at least) at times will require a double team to contain. You can't double team 3 guys... Oh yeah, and in Takkarist we got potentially the highest motor/most relentless guy on the field on the opposite side of all this singled up either way. And that's just the starting 4. Add in depth like Clayborn, Crawford, Hageman, Shelby, Reed, maybe Freeney. We have a pretty **** intimidating group.
  3. Yeah, I got the feeling he meant for the 3rd team nickel D to have their rep next.
  4. Think it'll just be Rocky/Tru as CBs in the base defense, then Rocky will shift in to the nickel while Collins comes in and plays on the outside. That leaves Poole and Kazee to fight for scraps. I think we're set at CB for the foreseeable future and can turn attention elsewhere. C.J. Goodwin was excellent in spot duty last season, hope we keep him around.
  5. Keanu Neal is our Silent Assassin, not Julio.
  6. I like that he put those little emoji's in the tweet representing them. Gabriel is the rocket ship (turbo), Julio is obviously the alien, and Sanu got this "agent 12" thing he always talks about. Guess he's a secret agent? Or an assassin? I always thought of Keanu as our team's "silent assassin"
  7. Thrilled when we decided to keep him another year. This dude is mean and strong as ****. He's an excellent piece for the rotation.
  8. The problem was that Shanahan didn't take into account how beat up our O Line was that late in the game.
  9. We are a young team. We got there with a defense that was by no means ready for the super bowl. And yet they played lights out against the best the NFL has to offer for the majority of the game. The defense today is light years ahead of where they were in February. And our offense only lost one player, an old offensive lineman at that. Rarely do you see super bowl teams improve by as much as the Falcons have this offseason. Super bowl teams almost ALWAYS lose a playmaker or two the offseason after the super bowl. We gained some difference makers on defense and retained some serious difference makers on both sides. Not to mention the coaching changes we've had will improve the team. We lost our scapegoat for the ridiculously called second half in Shanahan. And replaced him with a man who wants to work WITH Matt Ryan and allow him the freedom an MVP QB deserves. Sark respects situational football and doesn't have the ginormous ego Shanahan has. We added Bryant Young, a new DL coach to replace Bryan Cox. And upgraded from within with Manuel as DC to replace Smith. Some people will tell you these coaching changes will somehow effect the team negatively, I think that's bull****. This team is so much better than they were last year, and they have those same feelings about the super bowl as we do. I expect great things this year, and even greater things in the foreseeable future, really. We got us a **** of a coach in Dan Quinn, if anyone can get our players to move past the super bowl and USE the feelings that game gave us all as fuel to be the best team in the league, it's Dan mother****ing Quinn.
  10. The part that gets me is that the Patriots ran 99 plays on offense AND DIDNT HAVE ONE SINGLE OFFENSIVE HOLDING PENALTY CALLED!!! That **** is literally impossible.
  11. Surprised Dorian Johnson is still on the board.
  12. If Dorian Johnson or Dion Dawkins are on the board we gotta go one of them. I doubt they'll be around that late in the round though.
  13. Debo is a ******* monster.
  14. Losing a 3rd to move up almost 10 spots doesn't sound horrible. I'd rather trade back and snag a couple more guys in the 2nd. But if we still have our 2nd round pick after trading up in the 1st and all it costs is the 3rd round pick, I'm all for that if they're confident in the pick.
  15. This is definitely a fair deal for the team and Tru. Glad he's going to be a falcon for a long, long time. Seriously a big F you to all the idiots still thinking we'll ever trade Tru. ******* idiots. This is real life, not madden.