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  1. I thought the ref said they were challenging that Jordy got the first down, cause I was fuming how they came back and said 12 men on the field. Did I hear him wrong?
  2. I'd take him if I don't get Julio. I like to get Julio every year and I will not get a wr and rb from the same team
  3. I trust Quinn's opinion on what he wants and needs and not the analysts. If they knew so much they would have their doors beaten down to run teams.
  4. I would personally just like to stay at 17 and take the best player there, no trading up
  5. Was he released just because of the injury or was it something else as well?
  6. There is no way he lost his confidence in one year. They can say all they want that so and so qb does this and that,but you know what most of those qb's that are having success have? A really good defense, which is something we don't have
  7. Does anyone know if Shanahan has stayed longer than 1 year with a team, and if he has, how has he and the team done? I'm sure I will be called lazy for not looking this up but would rather hear a discussion on it
  8. They even lined up in the pistol formation that fooled no one!
  9. we had some bad play calls but I think that one takes the cake
  10. Why did we try to pass on 4th and 1 at around the 50, instead of trying to run and just get the first down?
  11. Agreed. Just let Matt run the offense and I bet it will be much better
  12. Matt Ryan everyday. I can't stand the way Newton acts and celebrates after everything he does. I have never wished a player to get hurt, but if he did after all that running I would surely lose no sleep
  13. I have to laugh when I hear everyone blame Ryan. Did he cause Freeman to have 12 yards on 12 carries? nope. Did he let the opposing offensive players get wide open? nope
  14. I'm pretty sure the rules say you cant even go low. I believe it was last week I saw a qb get tackled by his feet and they called a penalty
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