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  2. Thought I got a great deal getting Gregory at 16 at the time. Little did I know...
  3. Falcons were OTC until 4:45. I'm about to make my pick. Keep forgetting time limit went to 3 hours.
  4. D*** you! I thought Mannion was going to slide a little more than that. Nobody talks about that horrible supporting cast he had at Oregon State last season, but he's got a really good arm and can make all the throws at the NFL level. I think he's got a real shot at becoming a starter down the line.
  5. Didn't see this before, so I just PMed the Bills as well. Let's all make sure we keep track of the time and PM the next team up. The pace the last few days has been dragging...
  6. Haha... Would have been pretty upsetting had you picked him right before me. He's got great hands, and even though his top speed isn't elite, he had the fastest 3 cone time for WRs at the combine. I think he's got a good chance to be a really good slot guy.
  7. Looking through the trades thread, it looks like their was major confusion on that proposed deal. Robb asked for clarification and nobody ever did that. Their was disagreement on whether the pick originally belonged to the Bill or 49ers due to the Stevie Johnson trade last year, which was conditional. It looks like it's either the Bills or 49ers pick to make.
  8. Done.
  9. I'm pretty confused about who has the 15th pick this round, but according to my math: 15th pick (whoever) - 6:00-10:00 16th pick (Chiefs) - 10:00-2:00 Followed by: 17th pick (Bengals) 18th pick (Houston) I'll send a PM to the Chiefs to let him know he's on the clock.
  10. Saints on the clock. GM has been notified.
  11. Have to agree. A 3rd rounder for a 33 year old that had 20 tackles last season? 3rd rounders are much more valuable than that. Just my opinion.
  12. Me neither... I actually tried to trade up last night to get him, so I was shocked he was still there at 16.
  13. I don't know what the rule is at this point, but in the past I've gotten a conditional agreement done with the other team ahead of time and had it approved.
  14. With a new coach/coordinator/scheme and playing in the cold weather as opposed to a dome in Houston, Texas. Also, the Texans OL is much better than the one in Chicago. Finally, why do you assume I'm not adding more weapons to my offense? My point is that there are advantages on both sides, and most QBs would take the same money to stay in a situation that is much more comfortable and familiar if the money is similar.
  15. If I had more than two cuts I would have released Fitzpatrick as well, as he's due $3.9 million and only $625,000 is guaranteed. In addition to that, Mallett is working with the coach that he's been with for most of his professional career, Bill O'Brien, who traded for him and wants him back as the starter. I thought you would get him because you offered a little more, but in reality, I don't think Mallett would switch teams for a slight boost in salary. This is his best chance to prove himself.