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  1. I believe he tied for first in the nation in carries with 349 and only fumbled once. From the little bit I've watched on him so far, he also looks to be much more of a polished and willing blocker than the average college RB. He's not flashy and hands are a question mark, but these are the things you look for in a backup RB.
  2. This is always my argument against Chip detractors. His downfall in Philly was propelled by his ineptitude as a personnel guy. I got the sense that he thought his scheme was more important than the skill players, and then he found life difficult with a mediocre QB and no gamebreakers on the outside. However, this is irrelevant if he is going to be somebody's OC. Chip always invokes strong feelings from both sides, but I would certainly be intrigued.
  3. Additionally, I presume he's going to go hard after Kirk Cousins, who he coached in Washington.
  4. Are we really going to argue that Cam's weapons aren't sufficient. He has Benjamin, Olsen, and Ginn to throw to and Stewart at RB. In contrast, before this season the average fan was largely unaware of Taylor Gabriel and Aldrick Robinson, and Sanu was considered an overrated, drop-machine. The media may never grasp this, but players that win from the pocket will always have more consistency and greater longevity in the NFL. Oh, and FYI: Cam has been sacked 31 times; Matt Ryan has been sacked 32 times.
  5. Based on his college stats, he's not the greatest punter. I'm sure he was signed because he is also a kickoff specialist like Bosher. Let's just hope the touchdown saver is ready to go this week. http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/matt-wile-1.html
  6. It was on NBC before the DAL/PHI game. Dungy was making the case that the coach and management should be the ones making the case and standing up for him so he doesn't have to take the heat. Florio said that the NFL is claiming that, according to their numbers, 11 QBs have more missed roughing calls than Cam. In my personal view, the media pushes this narrative without separating his hits as a runner and outside of the pocket with the ones he takes in the pocket. Every QB takes some nasty shots now and again.
  7. I think the team thought Sanu would be a good fit with his size and ability after the catch, which have both been assets. My primary issue when he was signed was the history of drops, which was an issue in the second half against Tampa. I thought we signed the wrong Bengal WR, as i think Marvin Jones is a better overall player and his annual cap hit is only slightly higher. That being said I'm optimistic about what I've seen so far from Sanu.
  8. 1. Quinn has already improved this defense tenfold. The pass rush will be average, if we're lucky, but Quinn knows what he's doing -- just look at the tackling. I love offense, but I will always concede that defense wins championships and Quinn is putting this team in the right direction on that side of the ball. How soon we forget about what this defense looked like before he got here. 2. If anybody gets the boot after this season, it's Shanahan. I'm not against the west coast, as it generally sets up for a top-tier running game and balance, but playcalling is key. If we struggle again t
  9. The passing game in this offense is so limited and predictable without the threat of play action, hence the reason Matt seems to struggle when we go super pass-heavy. As we know, Shanahan has proven himself to not be the best playcaller around. However, as I was watching, I got the feeling that we were trying to minimize the injury risk for Devonta and Tevin. That's what I'm going with, at least.
  10. Jack gives us the type of proven veteran that is ideal as a backup PG. Additionally, Malcolm Delaney was a really good player in Europe and Patterson and Bembry have shown that they can be effective playmakers so far in the summer league. I would say Pangos has made a case for a camp invite as well. As long as Schroder continues to improve, especially with his consistency, we'll be fine at PG.
  11. I still like Cash and think he could be a really good fit at SS in the Seattle Cover 3 system. He's not a great athlete (though he tested better than Kam Chancellor) and a liability in man to man at this point, but I was pretty shocked he wasn't picked. We'll see what happens, but I'm hoping all of these GMs are right now that he's with the Panthers.
  12. A first round player needs the measurables and intangibles, not one or the other. In fairness, Biermann was a 5th round prospect that should have never been more than a rotational end and special-teamer. He was actually pretty good in that role.
  13. Wouldn't love it. Lee is fast but is really lacking in physicality and instincts. As far as Perry goes, he's almost the opposite. He's a really good tackler, but lacks the movement ability to be anything more than a thumper. Combine the best traits of the two and you have a complete player.
  14. I'm against it, but it's because Darron Lee is really the only WLB option in the first. Don't think he's worth it.
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