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  1. Didn't the Patriots sign McClain and then release him? If so guess they missed the boat too.
  2. He still wrestles. Not sure if awesome or saddest thing ever.
  3. BC Eagle is an "old timer"? I remember her first post here saying she was a new fan since she went to BC and followed Matt Ryan
  4. What did Adam jones do to get a 15 yard penalty? Did they ever say?
  5. Left extra blockers in. I saw hardy staying in and chipping guys. Fix the line please!
  6. Seahawks beat skins in first round and beat Carolina in round 2. Fine with me.
  7. I'd say normally you're right but blank is selling seats in a new stadium. That's the exception.
  8. I live in West Palm so I have plenty of beach time. I'm going up for visit family for Christmas so it's on the way.
  9. "Unfortunately" bought tickets long before the season started. Just wondering if any of you guys did the same and are going next Sunday. p.s are they gonna kick our @ss too?
  10. It's like you expect the doctor to know how to do a surgery. Turns out he was winging it and now instead of putting in a stent he amputates your left leg.
  11. The line is terrible at pass blocking, the play calling is aweful and qb play is aweful. But, I'll take my chances with s better line and different OC that takes away his QBs strengths.
  12. Adversity is good. Who wants things easy? Adversity is fun! - Jim mora Jr.
  13. Why is Hank starting over hardy, who can actually catch the ball. Cause it's shannys guy from Washington, that's why. Stupid.
  14. I'm not saying you're wrong, but if he's told to do that we have the worst coaching staff in NFL history. Because that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Not just sports related.
  15. I love how the Ryan defenders keep throwing up his stats. Any bafoon can throw it to Julio. All he did in the first half was throw a Hail Mary to Julio. he looks bad, offense is terrible and they have 80% of salary cap. I'm having mularky flashbacks.
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