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  1. our defense sucked last year... I'd rather be starting out with mostly new people than the same ones that sucked a year ago...
  2. serious?... opposing defenses had tape on him by game 2 last year...
  3. LOL at all the Carolina idiots high on their running game... ignoring that their QB sucks and their star defensive player begged to be traded all offseason. I think the Saints will be our toughest contender this year, Carolina will be last and falling apart completely by game 6
  4. Lawrence Sidbury just sounds like a name that is destine to be famous, I predict him to be a beast by the end of the season :P
  5. I'm with you on this, our secondary needs practice, I think our real issue is pass rush.
  6. "If we sign" are you serious?... has it even been speculated that the falcons are talking to this guy??
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