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  1. I think Christophe will get the last spot. Who is the robinson you're taking about?
  2. I think Snelling might be our version of Ernest Graham. But don't overlook Thomas Brown. He might be small but he is really strong. And his cut are sick. I think we can keep both. Snelling 3 string RB. Brown on kick return.
  3. Basically they can't say what they know, but we should be expecting at LEAST 1 commitment in the very near future. It is going to be either brenden smith, arthur fontaine, or another player like a wooten. Artie and Wooten are going to be announcing in the very near future. This visit for Wooten was big for UGA. How big? We will know soon. He is UGA's #1 target where they have a legit chance. He would give us something we don't have much of now. Artie will be visiting in the next two weeks (possibly this weekend even) and will be making a decision very soon. I think he is going to be a Dawg commit if he gets the same feel. His mom loves the UGA coaches the most and fell in love herself with Georgia. Breden Smith loves UGA so much when being quizzed by the lsu writer for the article he kept talking about uga. Again I think we get him also. Exciting news. As of right now, I really want Brenden Smith. But I would love to have Fontaine or Wooten as well.
  4. Shockly couldn't start for the Force...he's not good enough. are u kidding...LMAO :w00t:..o goodness where is georgiafan? Agree. Are you freaking kidding me? Shockley has a really good arm and he really accurate. Just a perfect fit for AFL. Plus his scrambling ability can bring a new dimension to the AFL.
  5. We have a tougher schedule. They have basically the same scheduleas us. Their non conference game are weak. Miami is the only toughest non conference game they have.
  6. Maybe it is you who should find another team. Whats the point of being a fan if you cant have an opinion and worry about what your team is doing and how they are doing it. Everyone has a right to their opinion, and it should be critiqued, not denied. Why blindly follow your team like sheep. If this is your method, might as well follow the teams on top. This is very true. (the part about everyone having free opinion). Criticizing your team is all good. However, the problem is when people constantly bash the team and has nothing positive to say. Some bash the team and offer possible solution as if they know it's going to work. It's really get annoying.
  7. Usually rebuilding team have new coaches. New scheme, new attitude (Hall). They want to bring players that fit their system. Trading good players allow them to get draft picks to build on.
  8. it was 6 to watch i believe and they were: Guard Raymond Beno DE/DT/OG Jadarius Hamlin DE/DT/OG Galatian King ATH Justin lattimore OT Logan Massengale (Brentwood, TN) DB/WR Jamal Reid Of the above I think UGA is very interested in jamal reid and Logan massengale. For logan it will be all about the numbers. Can you give me a little info on Massengale and Reid? Logan Massengale is a Offensive Tackle. He only has 3 mid major offers. Good prospect, but IMO an unknown. I think he could be a surprise offer in the end. Here is a write up on him: Logan Massengale looks great for an offensive tackle. The Brentwood (TN) native has long arms, good coordination, and he showed nice footwork. It is tight for UGA on the OL, but he could be a tackle they watch as things play out. Jamar Reid is being recruited by many as a cb/safety, but uga worked him out at WR exclusively. He is a touchdown machine. Great video. Reid is a good athlete out of Florida and he could play WR or DB on the next level. He needs to improve his quickness a little, but he is definitely one that UGA will watch closely this fall. Is Reid high on UGA? I've watch his highlight on Rivals. And I really like what I saw. He has a lot of speed and some quickness. I would take him as our WR prospect if we can't get Bowman or Wooten.
  9. All the moves has been made.Stop the whining and support the Falcons or leave an support another team. How is Turner going to get outplay by Norwood. Norwood offer speed and elusiveness. Turner has both of that and he also have power when he run. Norwood can easily get injured.
  10. I'm glad Matt is there helping our guys out.
  11. I think the Dawgs stop recruiting Prince Kent after that BB/pellet gun incident. He will fit in well at the U. they really stopped recruiting him after williams, safety, committed.. at that point they focused on starling and he is much higher on their boards than kent is. What is our status with Starling? Have he visited or attend UGA Camp? I hope we are not burning and bridges between us and Norcross High School. They produce some great athlete.
  12. it was 6 to watch i believe and they were: Guard Raymond Beno DE/DT/OG Jadarius Hamlin DE/DT/OG Galatian King ATH Justin lattimore OT Logan Massengale (Brentwood, TN) DB/WR Jamal Reid Of the above I think UGA is very interested in jamal reid and Logan massengale. For logan it will be all about the numbers. Can you give me a little info on Massengale and Reid?
  13. Same here. I can easily get 4 to 5 sacks a game. As a whole D, the highest sacks a game I've gotten is 10. Rodderick Battle is a beast at LDE. My first season he had 14 sacks. I'm mid way through my second season and he have 14 sacks. I'm playing on the All American Level. First Season: Undefeated, SEC Champs, National Champs. - All American- Whole Oline, Dannell Ellerbe, Knowshon Moreno, Blair Wash. - Freshman All American- AJ Green, Blair Walsh, Christian Robinson - SEC- Online, Knowshon, Dannell, Christian Robinson, Blair Walsh - Knowshon Moreno- Best RB and Maxwell Award (second to Tebow in the Heisman) - Dannell Ellerbe- Best LB and Benerick (something like that) - Chris Davis- No Sack Allow, 32 pancakes, Best O-line and Rimington - #1 Recruiting Team. 8 (5 stars prospect) Second Season: Undefeated still. 6-0 (19-0 both season) - Matthew Stafford leave for the draft (couldn't convince him to stay) - Knowshon is back. (About 1500 yards and 17 tds) - AJ Green- About 800 yards 9 Tds - AJ Harmon- 22 tackles 11 sacks - Starting QBs is Logan Gray - Chris Davis still haven't allow a single sacks. - Allow only 83 yards a game. - Highest point score- 9 by Tennessee - Highest point score- 69 do you do lead blocking with your Oline Yes, I run most of my play out of the I formation. I have about a 80-20 run pass ratio.I probably throw about 15-20 passes a game with 5 minutes quarter. Play I use most is probably Screen to Knowshon in any shotgun formation. In the I, I use the I formation with both WRs one side and run the toss to the other side. (It will work about 65% percent of the time) Do you see why I redshirted AJ Harmon? I started Bean in his place. But this season, I moved Chris Davis to LG and start a freshman Center that is doing really well. yea i get what youre doing. I just finished my season, undefeated, NC win. I play on AA and heisman. I pass a lot more than I run. Knowshon finished with like 1400 yards and 22 all purpose tds. Massaquoi got 1200 yards receiving with like 17 tds. Knowshon was 1st team all american. AJ Harmon actually was a 2nd team and freshman all american at guard. Nice Job. I did pass quite a few times but I love to run the football. If I remember right, the stats is: Matthew Stafford- 2650 36 tds 15 ints (Had a slow start at the beginning of the season. Knowshon Moreno- 2200 Rush Yards 21 tds. 700 yards 6 tds. (he had better stats then Tebow, but didn't win the Heisman) Mohamed Massaquoi- 792 yards 10 tds AJ Green- 1039 12 TDs AJ Harmon would have monster overall at DT if his tackle wasn't at 52. Right now his Overall is 70. He is dominating the guards and centers he faced. I can't wait to end this season and see how much improvement AJ Harmon get in training. I have 2 DTs recruit redshirted. the other is not, he is receiving a little playing times.
  14. Is this the Falcons version of the spring game? I wish I live close to Atlanta to see it.
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