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  1. Sing it out loud Brother. If I had a singing voice I would be belting out some good old fashioned Gospel type music with Falcons lyrics interjected. Fan for 37 years and have a lot of ghosts to erase just like you. Today is the 2nd step in that exorcism.
  2. That is perfectly OK, and it's good to share your feelings with the ONLY people in the Universe who can relate. That is what is so weird for me this season. Among my family and my circle of Falcon Fans I am known as "Mr. Doom." I usually am just waiting for the sky to fall on us, but since the Panthers beatdown late in the season, I got these goosebumps that just would not go away. For the first time since around 1983 or so, I am totally 100% positive we have a beast for a team. GROUP HUG TO ALL THE NERVOUS FANS!
  3. You gotta learn to loosen up a bit there my friend NEVER EVER use logic when discussing Falcons Fandom.
  4. This magical season has left me, and I am sure, many of you believing that we are truly headed into a date with destiny, that the outcome has somehow been preordained as a way to cleanse our ghosts of season's past and that every atom in the universe has aligned for the Falcons to finally take us to the promised land. Well if you have any more doubt then ponder this: "The Packers' charter plane to Atlanta for Sunday's NFC Championship Game against the Falcons was unable to take off from Green Bay's Austin Straubel International Airport because of heavy fog, and the team was forced to bus 125 miles to Milwaukee in order to fly out, according to multiple sources. The Packers arrived to Atlanta at around 8 p.m. ET, about 3½ hours later than originally scheduled. After waiting for nearly two hours, the Packers decided to bus to Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport, where the team plane met them, sources said." Multiple injuries, Rodgers has the flu, playing on the road and now they get into town 31/2 hours late which HAS to mess with your sleep patterns. All we need now is a classic Atlanta traffic jam to make them arrive late at the Dome. Me thinks the odds are ALL our side today. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/18526487/green-bay-packers-flight-atlanta-nfc-championship-game-moved-due-heavy-fog
  5. Sleep? I went to bed a 2AM, woke up at 4AM and then tried to snooze on the couch off and on with little or no success. Now I am bleary eyed before I even hit the sauce, but SO TOTALLY PUMPED UP! Really how do these NFL players get any sleep before a game like this?
  6. LOL exactly what I was thinking. While I never ever want any player injured, Jordy Nelson is just asking for trouble if he steps on that field today. He won't be heading home on the plane afterward, he will be checked into an area hospital after a chance meeting with #22.
  7. Love all Falcons Fan, but gonna show up on the doorstep of any negative Nancys or Naysayers early in the morning to pump some Falcons Cheer up your wazzoo. Don't even try waddling in the mud of indecisiveness: either get ALL ONBOARD or GTFO the BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. OMG CUT ME SOME SLACK. WHO in their right mind is even entertaining any thought like this. This is OLD FALCONS thinking. "Gee Wally even if we don't win I think we did really good this season, and we look like we will be good next year." Appreciate the post, appreciate the highlighting of the incredible steps this team and organization has taken this year, but the whole "win or lose" crap is just too much like our old mindset to be suitable for this team that has shown no quit, no compromise and NO RESEMBLANCE at all to team in the past that folded when the heat got turned up. We are truly witnessing the start of an era here in Atlanta where the Falcons will FINALLY be perennial contenders for years to come. This is the year: the time is now!
  9. Well without doing any research it looks very much like something from the Belgian manufacturers line of Fabrique Nationale (spelling), and chambered in .308 (7.62mm). As a former Cold War Warrior I saw many FN FNAR assault rifles while engaged in war games in Europe with our NATO allies. This weapon looks very much like a modern version of that same weapons family. Very reliable, very hard hitting, and as a former Marine who still idolizes the M-14 I carried, it has that nice solid feel that some weight and and a 7.62mmM cartridge conveys to a rifleman. Yes I know you can carry more rounds when you have a 5.56mm, but that recoil and hitting power sure make your gonads swell when you pack a BIG weapon with a BIG cartridge. Always hated the M-16 when qualifying on the rifle range, and once I had the very unpleasant experience of suddenly having my rounds float all over the target on qualifying day from the 500 yard line. Anyways I have been ALL OVER ATLANTA today with my wife shopping, browsing, drinking and partying and I can tell you this: ATLANTA IS FIRED THE F UP FOR THIS GAME. OMG the whole city shocked me the last few days. In my 37 years as a fan here, I have never, ever seen this level of excitement from so many people. We had people stopping us all day (sporting our favorite duo jerseys of Ryan and Julio) to just talk about the game. Even had 2 separate people just asking us "where can I get Falcons gear today for the game tomorrow." The town is FIRED UP, the team is FIRED UP and I am CRAZY FIRED UP for the big game tomorrow. I just hope I can get a few hours sleep cause right now I am drinking the beer pretty fast and still so jittery I doubt I can sleep. Dear wifey even offered something to settle my nerves: bless the Dear Woman. SO GET READY, GET PUMPED and GET FIRED UP to WHOOOP THAT GREEN BAY BUTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Afterthought: My brother is a life-long die-hard Packer fan. Should I wait to call him tomorrow morning to talk smack? ORRRrrrr call him about 3AM and wake his lame azz up?
  10. Wow totally in awe of all you great fans who put together these video highlights. We have a lot of talent behind the Falcons.
  11. Just one more proof of which "sex" is the stronger. If you have ever watched a woman give birth to a baby (I was blessed to do so twice). you will never have any doubt about this debate. Hand Salute to Katie: hugs and kisses to their baby girl.
  12. I hear ya, but I am not sure you need to eat crow cause the Brooks Reed I saw tearing up that Seahawks offense we another whole player than the one we have seen in most games here. For whatever reason, the performance he put on against the Seahawks was exactly what I hear "heard" he was capable of when we brought him here. Personally, one of my favorite aspects of being a die-hard fan is watching draft picks or free agents like him exceeding everyone's expectations. Here is hoping the Old Man has another BIG GAME against the Packers tomorrow.
  13. Wow that has gotta be the best article I have read on our young defense and actually getting into the details behind what makes our young guys so good on the field. Too bad there are not more writers who have this author's ability to break down the X's and O's for us neophytes.
  14. Well I won't make any predictions about scores cause the NFL is too volatile a sport for the IMHO, but I also have been feeling "IT" for the first time in my 37 years as a fan. I honestly believe this team will win it all, and that is based more on just plain old objective football reasoning. The Falcons are clearly the dominant team of the last four standing, and I think they only thing holding any fans outside our family from recognizing that is our very long, sordid history of choking in big games. The Seahawks game killed any notion of that in my mind, and you can tell by the talking head chatter that the vast majority of them feel the same way. Even the notorious Falcon Hater Heath Evans was singing our song on an NFL channel broadcast earlier today. That is a very interesting observation by The Vent King on when he know "it" was different. Looking back that game really was the dividing point between our struggles last season and our triumph this year.
  15. You know on paper our Defense looks good against this injury riddled Packer offense, but Aaron Rodgers has that "X-Factor" that defies standard football logic.
  16. OK since this is the "who is better survey, let us continue with the following: 1)Who has more Peachtree streets? Atlanta? or Greenbay?
  17. I know you football purists love the open stadiums and watching the Ice Bowl between Green Bay and Dallas still reflects in my mind how "true football" was designed to be played. but I love my Dome personally. Still hoping to recover my voice in time for Sunday. Right now my voice sounds like Kermit the Frog. Game already costing me a fortune. Wife said, "if you're gonna spend that much money on 4 tickets for one game, then I don't see why we can't head to Panama City for a week during Spring Break. Now what kind of logic is that????????
  18. Wow there is indeed a hope for an answer to Global Warming, Overpopulation and the Horrors of War if Swift can find it in his heart to finally get objective about Ryan. Totally 100% Impressed. Personally I am a huge Ryan supporter and will be no matter what the outcome IF he plays well. But whether it is right or wrong, in this modern era the QB gets way too much credit and way too much blame for the W/L. Matt knows the whole world expects him to prove himself by winning the Lombardi. There can be NO compromise about that, and I ain't offering any excuses for him or the team. We HAVE to win it all THIS YEAR. Forget next year: that year may never happen. We already had an asteroid large enough to destroy the human population barely miss the planet this year. This is the year: the time is now.
  19. Well I guess I should have specified the Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area cause I am up here in Lawrenceville, but who knows where that is so I tell people outside of the state I live in Atlanta. I was all over the Lawrenceville, Snellville, Grayson area today in all my gear and WOW there a LOT more fans than I had thought. I could hardly get through the grocery store this morning for people stopping me to talk about DEM FALCONS! We all know some winning is all it takes to get the people behind this team. Whoop that Green Bay Butt this Sunday and the city will go wild!
  20. One of my FAVORITE Dome memories is us beating the 49ers back when we were still NFC West in some really close hard fought game I actually forget now. But after the game I am like BLIND Drunk and head to the restroom to empty the bladder before that long MARTA ride back to Clarkson station. Anyways I head in there and the line is LONG cause the game came down the to wire when some DIE-HARD Falcons fan equally drunk and high on the win shouts at the top of his lungs: "ALL YOU FORTY-WHINER FANS GTFO - THIS IS FALCONS LAND!! Now you can't really grasp this unless you have been to the Dome when the other team's fans outnumber the Falcons Fans. But it was pretty much a declaration of "who wants to get their azz kicked. But they all just gave that sheepish lame grin and held their heads low as we Falcon Fans WHOOPED IT UP. That was in the days when the 49ers OWNED us and we were just starting to FINALLY put up a decent showing after a solid decade of ownage by Montana, Rice and company. OMG it was a glorious moment I will not soon forget cause I had been in solid smack talk (something I rarely engage in but before the game the 3 jerkoffs started it by saying to me "why bring your sons here to see your team get owned" after I had said to them in the vein of good sportsmanship "good luck today." Gotta say they were lucky that day I did have my 2 young sons with me cause it was one of the rare times I really had to restrain myself from throwing some punches. We won at the last minute and the 3 gutless bastages ran up the stairs with me in hot pursuit yelling smack at them cause as the game went on I got drunker and the talk between us got less friendly. Not trying to sound Billy Bad Azz cause I am not, but back in those days I lifted weights about 2 hours a day, 6 days a week and routinely ran 10Ks in the high 30 minute intervals. But trying to talk that smack in front of my sons just set me off, and the beer kinda got me on a slow burn of rage over it to the point of wanting to have one of those bar room brawls from back in the Nam era when Subic Bay in the Philippines was full of Marines on R&R from Nam and the Carrier Task Forces were in port to let 10,000 rowdy sailors have liberty who had been as sea for months on end. Talk about some rowdy brawling: the shore patrol used to have a 30 man riot reaction force loaded up ready to roll and when they tried to break up a brawl of sailors or Marines in a bar full of Hundreds they usually ended up getting the brunt of everyone's rage. Good times. OK about half drunk now (doctors gotta learn alcohol is a medicine too if delivered in moderate quantity), so no more Sea Stories. Without meaning to sound sacrilegious I will sign off with: God Bless Falcon Fans All Over the World, and God Bless the United States Marines and my Fallen Brothers and Sisters in Arms. It may be a cliche but you know Freedom really is Not Free. In Loving Memory of Lance Cpl. Joseph Hargrove, PFC Gary Hall and Pvt Danny Marshall 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines "The Walking Dead" MIA May 15, 1975 and the 15 KIA on Koh Tang Island, Cambodia that day and also the 23 Air Force personnel KIA in Thailand in support of the Marines. We will never forget you Brothers. Sorry guys and gals I should not mix pain killers and beer. Guess Doc is right.
  21. Born in Norfolk VA, Raised a Navy brat so moved around a lot, but last place I lived before enlisting was Richmond VA, and mostly had Redskins fans then, but hey that was 1973. OMG old age sux.
  22. Didn't help much. On Tuesday the judge issued the curse of death when he told the jury "this should be short trial." Tomorrow is Friday, the fourth day and it's still going, but my wife (bless her) won't tell me what it's about (judge didn't mean you could not tell me Dear). She only said that "one of the lawyers is an idiot" (no kidding Dear they are all idiots or they wouldn't waste their lives in such a low life profession). Please no lawyers respond, you cannot defend a fool who fails to see right from wrong.
  23. Warning for the foolhardy: do not violate any traffic laws in Suwanee. The fine police officers there are ever vigilant. It's one of the few places in Atlanta where I actually obey all the traffic laws. Lawrenceville is another. I drive over a large part of North Georgia and the Atlanta MSA for my work, so I kinda know where to be careful.
  24. Been productive? I do real estate appraisal now. Tried to get back in the swing of things about Wednesday after my surgery but my partner called me yesterday and said "forget it this week just go get all googoogaga over your Falcons this week cause you're useless atm." Hey who can work when all my "work" is done on a PC with constant interruptions from She is a die-hard Braves fan, but just resists ALL my efforts to convert here to FalconDom. She thinks "smacktalk" consists of doing the wave around the old Turner Field. Thank you Miss Christy for the time off. I promise WHEN we win the SuperBowl I will spot you a week off after I recover from my hangover.
  25. Totally agree with that. I am in Lawrenceville now, after many years in Lilburn. But if they build a Walmart behind your neighborhood just move as soon as they clear the ground cause the noise will drive you out. Trucks coming in at all hours of the night and sirens around the clock as the cops chase the baddies. Plus it definitely does not help your property values at all. Love me some Wally World though just not good to live too close to one.
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