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  1. Well when Quinn got here Mr. Blank clearly stated that he had the final say over personnel decisions. Therefore, it appears to me that Quinn was making the decisions on whom to draft on draft day. I don't think it was TD picking players to fit a scheme at all, rather it was Quinn making the specific call. Note that this is the first year that we did not make some bonehead reach pick in the 3rd round ala Lamar Holmes. Do you believe that in the past these 3rd round reach picks were Smitty's direct call? If you do, then why have a GM at all other than managing the salary cap. By Gazzoo's lo
  2. Well if it's true, I feel like a dupe because I really had not noticed it myself. But then again, I am hard of hearing and don't wear my hearing aids at the games. (true story mates) If they did it, then I am like WOW what was the point, and I just hope we don't lose too high a pick if it comes down to that. I also find the timing suspect, but I am a fan who doesn't like my team being targeted regardless of their guilt. Anyways, this is still embarrassing, and typical Falcons BS we all have to endure.
  3. Well I don't fault the guy for no inside scoop because the Falcons are as tight lipped as any team that ever existed. They either don't let anything leak out, or Ledbetter knows he would be banned from there if he did leak any inside scoop. Sorry, but I think some of you are either naive or just plain clueless when it comes to the Falcons approach to the media. You are NEVER EVER going to get anything from anyone in the Falcons organization that is revealing. Isn't it obvious this is a formal policy of the entire organization since TD and Smitty took over? As to Ledbetter's ability as a
  4. Sorry I don't give em much credit for that play. Everyone know the Bungals are an undisciplined bunch of thugs. A friend of mine was predicting they would jump offsides the whole time, and I was stupid enuff to tell him: "no one is that stupid." The Bungals draft that mentality deliberately.
  5. If you had to live in a cesspool like New Orleans you would be a whiny biatch too.
  6. All I know is when the game is on the line Matty Ice gets the job done!
  7. When you have been a die hard fan for 31 years you learn to not care what ANYONE thinks or says about your team.
  8. I was pretty shocked there was no suspension myself. I like some good action, but that scene was not something I want to see in the NFL.
  9. Everybody has to make some sacrifice in the name of the team .
  10. Voted THANK YOU To all you Brave Men and Women defending us around the world. I know it can be an incredibly lonely experience, but I think of you all constantly. Semper Fi Tim Barnes former SSgt USMC 1972-1980
  11. Nice read - thx for the post. Of course they only stated what all of us already know.
  12. Wow - there is a LOT of football left to play with the Saints breathing down our necks. Better just worry bout the Bucs this Sunday.
  13. Well when u have the best record in the NFC, and still flying under the radar that is a good thing.
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