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  1. Well when Quinn got here Mr. Blank clearly stated that he had the final say over personnel decisions. Therefore, it appears to me that Quinn was making the decisions on whom to draft on draft day. I don't think it was TD picking players to fit a scheme at all, rather it was Quinn making the specific call. Note that this is the first year that we did not make some bonehead reach pick in the 3rd round ala Lamar Holmes. Do you believe that in the past these 3rd round reach picks were Smitty's direct call? If you do, then why have a GM at all other than managing the salary cap. By Gazzoo's logic Smth gets all the credit and all the blame for the past. I don't buy that one bit. Regardless, Smitty brought us our very best years, and will always be eternally grateful for that. He was the best coach in the Falcons history. However, he lost his way. I am very happy to have Dan Quinn here now, and hope he can achieve the same success that Smitty had while also elevating past our prior ceiling. It actually should not be hard at all since Smitty (by Gazoo's logic) left us franchise QB and receiver to beat any team on offense. All we ever needed to go all the way was an average defense, which should be no problem for Quinn.
  2. Well if it's true, I feel like a dupe because I really had not noticed it myself. But then again, I am hard of hearing and don't wear my hearing aids at the games. (true story mates) If they did it, then I am like WOW what was the point, and I just hope we don't lose too high a pick if it comes down to that. I also find the timing suspect, but I am a fan who doesn't like my team being targeted regardless of their guilt. Anyways, this is still embarrassing, and typical Falcons BS we all have to endure.
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