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  1. Should have hired Shanahan over quin as the head coach.
  2. Yet. United already has a championship and this issue was here before A. Blank.
  3. This alignment is begging for a wr pick for a 1st down and they didn't even need it.
  4. This is a hate the qb thread. Nothing to see here.....
  5. Lol. Calling someone else dumb.....
  6. Our MO is get a big lead and have the other team come back. Ryan has never padded his stats.
  7. Saints have been given alot of calls. They got a SB on really bad miss calls.
  8. .@Colts 2 biggest plays of the season have come from the running game. Does anyone use “13 personnel” (1 rb/3te) better than the #Colts? #BaldysBreakdowns
  9. Julio went in 2 yds. Came back and the db was playing off. Db misses no matter what. Sanu barely got a hand on him and didn't affect the play. Eagles had several pick routes that were never flagged. Got them a td.
  10. Try living in the now. The GOAT QB was drafted in the 6th round.
  11. Lol. Winston is a horrible qb.