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  1. Empty stadium and people stuck at homes. That is $$$$$$$$$$.
  2. No it was embarrassing for the coaches to lose not fans expecting 28-3 to hold.
  3. Or it could be coaching and the right coach makes Beasley 10+ sack DE every year. Impact plays don't happen every game or play.
  4. No it is not. Black on black. No red helmets...
  5. Not only does Quin have to have a winning season. He has to come out of the gates hot. They will have to fix the cap enough to sign Hooper and some quality free agents. They do not have the time/luxury to draft and develop key areas. That is the good news for us.
  6. Doesn't matter. We did not win!!!!!!
  7. Imagine if they just let him be a de.......
  8. No. Quin is not good enough. Losing close games is one thing. Our team is clueless.
  9. It is easy , there are qbs with better arm talent and accuracy than Ryan not to mention can run. He cant even throw a 40 yd *** perfectly all the time , once in a blue moon he will This is the kind of crap that gets you a hater. Just stupid comments that are far from reality.
  10. And you still think replacing Ryan is an easy task. Ryan haters amaze me.
  11. Lol. The OL is garbage and Ryan is a very good qb. Single images do not show this. Try some gifs.