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  1. You have never been a manager huh?
  3. Amazing how we started blitzing alot once we were out of the playoffs. Vanilla when it counts. Doubt they learned their lesson.
  4. Coach it. Forget the film montage. Actually teach our speed rusher and bull rusher other dang moves. This is just stupid. Make them only rush one way all practice or even game until they learn that move. Be a Belechek not a Glanville.
  5. Maybe because Freeman cost us the SB? Broke Mack's leg and totally whiffed on block that gave up sack/fumble instead of a td.
  6. It is our coaches not beasley.
  7. Which of our DL is impressing anyone right now? Try looking at the coaches and scheme.
  8. Reason Belechek is still the king and alot guys like Smith who had great defenses struggle today. They can't adapt. I wonder if Quin can?
  9. Anyone in our pass rush. Who was DC when Beasley had 16 sacks? Who was DC when we turned it around and aent to the SB? Who keeps calling these stupid 3 man rushes? Who keeps calling these stupid zone schemes?
  10. That is at the 6yd line and the dt would have easily stopped him. Good misdirection. Just a dumb post.