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  1. Welcome back, Rev... Bigg Dogg still lurking in the shadows since 1998-1999! 😶
  2. I was on this guy before the Combine. He fits the look and build of the new age Safety/LB tweener that the NFL, and our Falcons, are seeing success with today (e.g. Debo, Oluokun, etc.). He might be an interesting late round pick for us.
  3. I actually would have been fine with (and half-way expected) an OL pick at #14, but I at least expected a T with a 1st round grade... not a 2nd/ 3rd round G!
  4. I don't remember us having a second 3rd rounder but I feel what you're saying here otherwise. I'm rarely ever an advocate for trading up.
  5. At the end of the day it still comes down to how well you scout and draft (and then coach after that). There are a bunch of other guys who became starters or at least key contributors on their respective teams who were picked in even later rounds. I think every pick is valuable! Plus, the drop-off in talent (in my opinion) is not that steep between Ed Oliver (if that's the target at #8) and someone like Christian Wilkins (if that's the next best DT available at #14 if we stay put). Either has just as much of a chance of starting and being a play-maker on Day 1.
  6. Would you gladly trade Justin Houston or Jared Allen (or Russell Wilson and Brandon Marshall) though... that's also the caliber player we are talking about. It's what you do with those picks when you have 'em!
  7. Come on now... what do you expect? He can't have Kamara taking his spot for good!
  8. Not to mention the MR extension deal getting done sooner rather than later makes it possible to make these other suggested moves in the first place. Without the deal first, I don't think we'll see any of these signings before the draft.
  9. I've been here like 20 years too... mostly lurking the whole time!
  10. I'm sure. It's only wishful thinking. Knowing our FO, we will probably just roll with the picks we have.
  11. Yeah, I could go with that. I would still call it a satisfying draft either way.
  12. *Round 1 Pick 22 (HOU): Reggie Ragland, MLB, Alabama (backup Leonard Floyd) **Round 2 Pick 32 (#63) (DEN): Keanu Neal, SS, Florida (backup Jeremy Cash) Round 3 Pick 18: Deion Jones, WLB, LSU (backup Kamalei Correa) *Round 3 Pick 22 (#85) (HOU): Javon Hargrave, DT, SC State (backup Austin Johnson) **Round 3 Pick 36 (#98) (DEN): Bronson Kaufusi, DE, BYU (backup Carl Nassib) Round 4 Pick 17: Jerrell Adams, TE, South Carolina (backup Tyler Higbee) Round 7 Pick 17: Joe Thuney, OG, NC State (backup Landon Turner) *ATL Trade back in Round 1 with HOU: HOU receives #17 (950 pts) ATL receives #22 (780 pts) & #85 (165 pts) - 945 pts total **ATL Trade back in Round 2 with DEN: DEN receives #51 (390 pts) ATL receives #63 (270 pts) & #98 (108) - 378 pts total
  13. Can't argue with that. ****, Marques Colston might not have even HAD an NFL career if Smitty had drafted him last that year.
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