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  1. I had been thinking about who he reminds me of for a while now, and it finally kicked in... Marion Barber
  2. Only thing that concerns me is that he ONLY carries the ball in his left arm. This makes him much more susceptible to fumbles when he faces players that he can not simply outrun.
  3. One key thing to note about Perriman and his drops.. UCF quarterback last year had a LAZER arm but absolutely no touch. Every throw he made was with as much velocity as possible. A 5 yard drag was near impossible to catch at times. He got better as the year went on, but look at his first 6 games, you will see that he didn't do any favors for Perriman and his Stat line.
  4. UCF alumni here. I am also a season ticket holder. Perriman is a very good wide receiver that often makes the tough in traffic catches, but then will drop the easy throws right at him. For all those that say he didnt have any targets around him are dead wrong. JJ Worton and Rannel Hall are both likely to possibly get drafted. Bortels threw to him in his Sphmore year in which he cam on the scene. He is the son of former Lions WR Brent Perriman. He was better than Brandon Marshall was coming out of college. As much as I liked him, I think JJ Worton will be the better pro in the slot. If JJ d
  5. I'm just waiting for another signing to take attention away from this one. Most off our signings have come in pairs this offseason.
  6. Quinn doesn't come in with favorites. The best player for his system will win the job. I'd be shocked if we don't give Worrilow legit competition though.
  7. With the recent signings of Durant and Reed, does our MLB now become only a 2 down run stopping necessity? It appears that both these guys have been touted as good coverage guys, so maybe both of them make up our nickel package. Worrilow has never been a strength in pass coverage. If we decide to draft one to replace Worrilow, I could see Denzel Perryman being a fit.
  8. Pretty sure he went to high school with Southward. I'm from Ft Lauderdale and remember them together at St. Thomas Aquinas
  9. Pretty sure he went to high school with Southward. I'm from Ft Lauderdale and remember them together at St. Thomas Aquinas
  10. Sign: Brian Orakpo Derrick Morgan Clint Boling Ron Parker Brooks Reed Lance Kendricks Draft: 1st: Any of the 4 pass rushers 2nd: MLB- Kendricks, Anthony,Perryman 3rd: Slot Wr 4th: Bigger RB 5th: BPA 6th: BPA 7th: BPA
  11. JJ Worton - Wide Receiver Being that I am UCF alumni, I have got to see this player first hand for his whole college career. He has by far the best hands that has come out of UCF in my 16 years of following the program. This includes Brandon Marshall, Mike Sims-Walker, Kamar Aiken all of which are/were NFL Wrs. He has far superior hands to Breshad Perriman, who I would love to drop to the 3rd round in this draft. He is not a burner, as he should run around in about the 4.5 to 4.6 range. He is very shifty, has great balance and makes a lot of people miss. Very strong to the ball while catc
  12. What bothers me is the " Wow, we didn't think he realize that he was that fast!" and then he ends up getting drafted way ahead of players that are more talented just because of his speed. You hear the cliche " you cant teach speed".. Well, at the same time, if the player doesn't play as fast on tape, there is probably reason for that. Put them in pads and run the 40. Put them in pads and see how high they can jump, Put them in pads and throw balls at them and se if it changes the range in motion they have to catch the ball... Many players will rise and fall due to their 40 times.
  13. Anyone else want to see these combine numbers be done in pads? I feel like it is a much better indication to NFL scouts on how they can run and carry their pads for in game purposes. I know in college, there was a RB that was faster than me in on a timed 40 when we were in shorts and Tshirts, but as soon as we put the pads on, I would beat him everytime. He just didnt carry is pads as well because of his frame. Just curious on your guys thoughts about why we take such great stock in times that we dont ever see in the game. If they all played in tshits and shorts, this would mean more to me.
  14. This should not be a surprise hire and request of Quinn. Quinn and Morris started their coaching roots together at Hofstra in the 90's and are good friends.
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