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  1. I agree to disagree, although Pittsburgh does run a bit more "smash mouth" style it's combined with a more 'vertical threat' type of passing which is similar to both Jags and Pats but we're giving our future starting QB more options in terms of receiving which is a very Patriots-esque thing to do...especially if combine that with a strong run game
  2. We bring in a high-IQ QB, a workhorse back, a buncha big ugly no-name linemen, multiple dual threat tight-ends, a slot receiver with great break away ability, a physical linebacking core with good depth and a considerable amount of potential and quality depth in the secondary...am i the only one who recognizes the Falcons as: THE JUNIOR PATRIOTS!!!
  3. I forget how trippy my fellow Falcon-fans were! WOW...and i didn't even say anything about Matty aka Vanilla ICE...
  4. I'm just noticing the trade deals for Jason Taylor and Jeremy Shockey and i keep getting this weird feeling that A) Turner gonna be a good pickup but will be outplayed by Norwood... Glen Dorsey's gonna make the F.O. look like idiots...and C) We may have been able to get more for DeAngelo Hall had we waited...of course that means that the Lofton pick would have never happed but with the upcoming class of MLBs playing Brooking at that position one more couldn't hurt right?
  5. I think Erik Ainge is gonna end up being the "steal QB" of the 08 Draft and end up being better than Flacco...
  6. Funny how everybody's commenting that taxes will be ridiculous if Obama is elected but to stablize the economy and clear ourselves of the debts Bush created TAXES WILL HAVE TO BE RAISED REGARDLESS!!!!...................idiots
  7. If he has a little midget run along side 'em with a respirator and a jar of assorted candy flavored painkillers during the game then i WOULD JUS' LOVE that move!
  8. Funny how nobody really mentions DeCoud...who i think will become the defensive back that Jimmy-Jim-Jim was suppose to be (if not better)...
  9. You can thank Cobb and Gwinnett Counties for that my guy...
  10. Maybe we should rename this topic "72 Million Smackaroos"!!!
  11. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080627/ap_on_...dell_rookie_pay
  12. I don't understand how Jones goes so under the radar being that he's rushed for 1000 in atleast 2 or 3 of his past 4 seasons! And although he seems injury prone the Detriot Lions' OLine wasn't exactly "playoff caliber" itself...and for some odd reason i have a feeling that whatever team decides to spend on Bentley is going to get a truely revitalized difference-maker for the next 3 maybe 4 years...
  13. well Lewis isnt that big, so he could be good at UT, while Moore kills it at NT. lewis can handle double team, and is a NT. babs is a good backup. Um....yes...Lewis IS that big...
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