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  1. oh yea, no doubt about that because TD is the best thing to happen to the Falcons since Vick was drafted..lol:cool: Thats a joke by the way
  2. Actually to be reasonable, JJ would be a good *** addition to any team he lands on...realisticly though the combine has always been know for players getting nervous & doin bad but he put up good enough numbers to attract the patriots to a private workout. Plus the article mentioned that he's set to get drafted for future franchise quarterback spot... Mark my words, Josh Johnson will be something special one day
  3. Posted Mar 24th 2008 9:57AM by Ryan Wilson Filed under: Jets, NY Giants, Patriots, NFL Draft, NFL Fans, NFL Gossip After Tom Brady's implosion against the Giants in the Super Bowl, the Patriots apparently have more holes to fill than just at linebacker and in the secondary. Bill Belichick hasn't been able to talk Doug Flutie out of retirement, even with the promise of a chance to win a starting job. Sure, Matt Cassel's on the team, but let's be honest, he was a career college backup for a reason: he's not very good. Which is why the Patriots will look for their next franchise quarterback via t
  4. or tom zbikowski from the draft. you talk about hard hitting aggressive player at safety, your looking at the possible next john lynch. Except fast as ****!!:cool:
  5. de·serve, verb, -served, -serv·ing. verb (used with object) 1. to merit, be qualified for, or have a claim to (reward, assistance, punishment, etc.) because of actions, qualities, or situation: to deserve exile; to deserve charity; a theory that deserves consideration. verb (used without object) 2. to be worthy of, qualified for, or have a claim to reward, punishment, recompense, etc.: to reward him as he deserves; an idea deserving of study. earn 1tr.v. earned, earn·ing, earns 1. To gain especially for the performance of service, labor, or work: earned money by mowing lawns. 2. To acq
  6. Aight and thats in what round? Because Hall is worth 1st round talent:cool:
  7. So now Vick is a BUST now? Wow you fans crack me up but yet its sad lol:cool:
  8. Unfortunately, Leftwich & 6 others were cut the beginning off season, as 2 other veterans were released just recently(Warrick Dunn & Joey Harrington). Following another Offseason move, the resigning of Chris Redman. Chris Redman is said to be resigned to groom the rookie that is expected to be drafted by the FO in whichever round. But something tended to bother me cause wasn't the Browns QB Derek Anderson in the same situation the following 2007 season? He served as Back up for an average QB by the name of Charlie Frye(but who couldn't beat Charlie Frye out for the staring job..he s
  9. What leads you to believe that. If Shockley didn't get hurt I bet Harrington still starts the season as the starter. Man come on u & i both know that DJ would've beat Redman out over the 2nd string cause Redman seemed lost during pre season & as soon as Harrington ***** up, then DJ would've been right there so...
  10. And thats exactly whats gonna happen my man, because this years QB class is average so imagine what a good draft class next year looks like...
  11. either this means hope for redman/or draft Ryan OR DJ is getting a 3rd chance to prove himself as a capable backup or if he wins......THE STARTER
  12. **** naww, draft a kicker in the 6th or 7th rd
  13. The Harrington release has sparked up some questions on this board cause it looks like they have plenty of confidence in DJ right now, probably enough to cut Harrington before the season. Everyone that dont like DJ still hasn't came up with a legitimate reason as to why they dont like him. Honestly be serious has he done anything that Harrington hasn't done that would exclude him from being a good football player... U have to make mistakes in order to know how to fix'em, and that was last preseason where he made mistakes but as he was starting to recuperate & pacify his gaming he was hurt
  14. One step at a time, i told u haters this is just a hint to tell u that they have plenty of confidence in DJ. Obviously he's doing something right for him to be on the front page and for them to just cut Harrington before camp...BEFORE he could battle DJ for the # 2. But i could be wrong cause rumors state that we are interested in Quinn but honestly man, all these needs we have Qb is not that big of a deal to trade a QB here. Journalists think we're that desperate, so u wanna agree...man please. My Proposal is that we wait until next year to find our so called "QB of the Future" because thats
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