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  1. 31-17 thats all I am going to say about that.
  2. I can not wait and see what we do in the next month.
  3. As long as other fans are not disrespecting the Falcons I am ok with it.
  4. It will be crazy seeing Brook in a Cowboy jersery hope he does well.
  5. I watch most of the games at a sports bar in the Houston Texas area and they know when I am in the house.
  6. Thanks I wish I could have seen this one I hope they put in on NFL re-play.
  7. I missed the game just seen highlights was wondering who the Falcon MVP was today
  8. Yea I remember the mood last year on the board. Yes I am proud of this team. BUMP
  9. I agree with you Rev 100% I think this loss will put some fans back on earth. A 8-8 season would be great in a rebuilding year.
  10. Swiftly I feel some of your pain I wanted pressure on Jay also. I am sure these issues will be addressed after the season I trust TD and Smity will make the right moves we need a monster in the middle.
  11. I agree nice post ...this loss will bring some of our fans back to earth. This team is rebuilding and they are young. If they win 8 games it will be a solid season And far exceed my expectations.
  12. Go Birds.......I think a dose of the " Burner" is in order for the Broncos.
  13. Welcome to the boards newb...Vick is old news in our past .
  14. Boss, I hope he has a big game again this will help set up the pass.
  15. All good things must come to a end and the end is near. Keith has been a great player for many years and I respect him and hope he retires as a Falcon. I trust the leadership that is in place.
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