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  1. Turner is going to take over...grind it out Big Man.
  2. What the h-ll is wrong with Roddy? Penalties, lining up wrong....was he out partying last night or something?
  3. Perfectly said g-dawg ... I agree 100% and couldn't say it better.
  4. About like this.... http://life.atlantafalcons.com/index.php?showtopic=3807192
  5. After the Bears last score a Bears fan walked down the aisle to the wall (our seats are in the upper deck on row 3) to watch the extra point...that didn't seem too weird. However after they hit the extra point he turned to the crowd and started taunting all of us. I was in complete shock at first. Would a Browns fan do this in Pittsburgh? Would a Dallas fan do this in Philly? Obviously this midwestern POS had no respect for us. I was busy yelling at him and telling him Chicago isn't any good either and to go back to frozen north. Then I hear this loud SMACK...the guy across the aisle and two r
  6. Add me to the list. I didn't want Ryan either but I'm glad I wasn't making the decision. In Dimitroff I trust...he's the man.
  7. Dude I hope your right. However I would consider both our lines questionable until proven otherwise. In fact I would consider our Defense questionable as a whole. We do have a lot of young talent which I look forward to watching play this year. Remember that getting Dimitroff doesn't make us the Patriots...getting McKay didn't turn us into the Bucs either. However I don't see how it can hurt to try to do things the 'Patriot Way'. Go Falcons!!
  8. I'd prefer that Blank work on making the Falcons successful before working on another pro effort. Same way I'm tired of hearing about the new stadium...I don't want a new stadium...I want a good football team. A good team with some shot at the playoffs would make my 'game day experience' better. Maybe Rich McKay could run the MLS team however...then he wouldn't have influence on the Falcons. Looking forward to some good young talent and an improvement in 2008. Go Falcons!
  9. We have a lot of needs but OLine and DLine are probably at the top of that. I'd vote for Dorsey or trade down for more players.
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