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  1. Matt Ryan is a above average QB. Similar to Brady and Manning at this stage of their career. Brady had no recievers to speak of early and he did fine. Manning had Harrison and no one else. Ryan has Jenkins, Gonzalez, Finneran and any fast guy can run deep for bombs. White will be here when the season starts, and he won't be hurt in camp if he's not here. were fine ,wait and see. I'm more worried about Douglas than anything.
  2. He said Flacco is better than Ryan, Chris Johnson should have been rookie of the year,and Brings up how Atlanta has never had back to back winning seasons all the time. Last night really put me over the top. Question? If you could have any player in the whole league to start a franchise with, who would it be? He says Michael Vick. Now Faulk and Sapp think he's an idiot like we do, do the right thing NFL Network cut him like we did.
  3. In some CBS leagues TD's count for 6pts . QB's tend to throw 20-30 TD's, RB's tend to score 10-12 TD's. That's 180 -72 favoring QB's. Also there are only about 5-7 top QB's out of 32 teams and 20 good RB's to choose from( most run 2 back systems).
  4. Since Flacco was the reason the Ravens won the other playoff games , Then It's ALL Flacco's fault they LOST. 16 completions out of thirty is not that good , 9 to the RB's 4 to the Wr's and 3 to PITT, one for a TD. yep ALL HIS FAULT. Game manager with a #2 Defense. If Ryan had the Baltimore D , Atlanta would have lost 2 games. It's clear to anyone that watches football , the Ravens are afraid to let Flacco pass. Draw after draw on 3rd down or unbalanced line gaget play into a slant. Ban all this Flacco talk, ROY, etc. it shows lack of football knowlege , including the TV and radio hosts.
  5. The main problem is Brooking is our star at LB. He has 100 or more tackles a year, which is very good, but how many of those tackles are 5 yards down field, being draged and hanging on for dear life? Our star LB was once a pro bowler, but is no longer. he is compaired to Ray Lewis, Derrick Brooks (in his prime), Urlacher among others. It's hard to watch a old Edgerin James run all over us, then watch the Baltimore D destroy the Dolphins. they hit players for no gain, bat down passes, take back INT's for TD's. you don't see to many TE's or WR's running free in their secondary, especially on th
  6. The team lost as a whole,But the D cost a chance to make a come back. Brooking is to slow, but so are Lofton and Wire for that matter. they couldn't bring down slooooow E James for a loss or beat him to the hole. I don't know if it was foot speed or just not being in the right spot, but they weren't there. none of the LB's can pass cover except maybe Boley once in a while. The D line was bad we hardly got pressure without a blitz, and our secondary looked slow against those all pro WR's, especially on that Boldin play. I know our managment will fix this, I would like to have a defense that can
  7. trade him to the Raiders for Burgess the DE, a high draft pick , and or anyone who can tackle.
  8. Brady - Michigan , Henne- Michigan, Comfort zone for T.D. he'll draft what works. Big time program, lots of pressure, good compition, and championship/bowl games. Michigan is pretty close to pro ball, If any of the QB's are ready it will be Henne. The most important quality in a QB is can they read defenses, make plays ,and put the ball were it belongs.
  9. They produce Good players that are THUGS, just about every defensive player has legal problems and the offensive players are outspoken and over rated. Most of our offseason moves were to get rid of those kind of players. The Giants ,for example , played better and won the Superbowl, without thier loud mouth TE from Miami. we've had enough legal problems around here...
  10. NOT INTERESTED, He's another me first player and very overrated.
  11. Shockley is probably better than Harrington, but he won't be able to show it. He's still recovering from the bad knee. Redman , Harrington and the rookie QB will have been brought in or back by this front office, Shockley is a hold over, you know what happens to hold overs , their gone. A new path , a new start, Shockley looks to much like Vick. Bad timing , wrong place, wrong time.
  12. First off, we were 4-12 last year. That lead to alot of players talking in the press, Crumpler, Dunn, Hall, Coleman and others. Most of it was negative, now there gone , a fresh start. Vick hid alot of weakness on this team and it really showed last year. Alot of the players talked instead of playing on Sundays, some even mailed it in. Big name players stand out and our big names disappeared, and now most are gone. Hall talked a good game, but Chad Johnson,TO , Moss and others made him look stupid the last few years. Dunn was done, Coleman was hurt worse than we knew, and Crumpler had a big pr
  13. I agree, Quit messing with all these potential first time coaches and get Marty who has done it. even if it dosen't work out, he will have built a playoff team to work with in a few years.
  14. Schottenheimer is by far what Atlanta needs most, A proven winner. He's coached 4 teams and all had good if not great records when he left. I would love to have 10,11,12 win seasons in a row. lately it only takes 9 or so to win the South Division. He could also bring something the Falcons have never had, 2 consecutive winning seasons.marty gets the most out of marginal players and sets up his team to beat the teams in his Division. Why chase all these so called star coordinators and college guys when the experience we need is right there. Marty, Cameron OC, some good DC, Trade for M Turner RB
  15. You mean someone like Patrick Kerney , runner up to defensive player of the year. Or maybe Big Grady plugging the middle for Jacksonville. Both mistakes for letting them go. It was sad sitting watching the playoffs with ex Falcons on the teams.
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